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Let’s Talk About Today

Tell us about your decision-making process.

A job interviewer told me once. And I answered her seriously. I said that I list down the pros and cons of something, and then decide on the one with the most pros. Which is what I do with important decisions. Of course, for things non-work-related, the best way to decide is by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

I was late. Or maybe I wasn’t because technically there was no actual meeting time set. And how can you be late (or early) when there’s no specific time set? So I guess the better way to put it is: E got there before I did. And because I arrived at 1:40pm, we missed the 1:30pm showing of the movie we wanted, Real Steel.

No worries, I said. The next showing is at 3:30pm. It’s only 2 hours away. But E said that 2 hours away isn’t “only”. And he said that we should just watch whatever movie that started at 2pm. It happened to be Apollo 18, which is a horror movie, and as you know, something I’m not a fan of. So, we argued. And argued. And then E remembered how we settled decisions like these–with Rock, Paper, Scissors.

2 out of 3, he said, thinking that if I got lucky on the first try he’d have 2 more chances of winning. But instead, he was the one who got lucky on the first round, and the next two were mine. 🙂 So, Real Steel it was, and there were no hard feelings.

I think people underestimate the usefulness of Rock, Paper, Scissors. In the same way that the magic 8-ball is considered a toy, when I think it can be really useful for those everyday non-life-threatening decisions.

Anyway, about Real Steel: I enjoyed it, I guess because I wasn’t really expecting anything great. I knew it was a kids movie, so I didn’t pay attention much to the dialogue or even it’s plot, which is overly cliché. I just let myself be entertained by the fighting robots, though I was still kind of bothered by the very fake love story between Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lilly’s characters. I mean, why include a love story if it’s going to be that boring? You may as well have said they were just friends. No kissing scenes needed. It wouldn’t have changed the movie either way.

Two more stuff crossed off my list of stuff to eat once I get back to the Philippines — Assam Milk Tea from Serenitea and the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie from Bread Monster. And I have also decided that, my favorite tea from Serenitea is the Royal Milk Tea. If that’s the one with vanilla ice cream in it. Gah. It’s just like me to not remember the name of the drink that I like. But, I’m sure it’s not the last time I go to Serenitea. I’d like to take this moment to say how happy I am that there’s a branch in ATC. I’m sick and tired of complaining that most specialty establishments only open branches in the north. Not that that makes me love the south any less.

I fell asleep watching Hot Shots! Part Deux on Star Movies. As a result, I’m still awake at 2am, writing on my blog, and not making a lot of sense.


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