Farewell to the Night Shift

Hello and welcome to my last week at the night shift!

Beginning next week, I’ll be a mid-shifter, on account of the slight change in my work description. I told my friend X about it earlier and she said, “So this is really going to be your career path, huh?”

Gee, I didn’t realize changing shifts would make it so official. And you know how I don’t like making things official. At least, that’s what I tell myself… 😥

But seriously, I am going to miss the night shift. Not that my new shift will be that much different. It’s actually only 3 hours earlier than the night shift, but this time, there will still be daylight when I leave the house. And it’ll take longer for the sun to shine after I log out from work. So you see, it will be quite an adjustment. I can’t just sit around and wait for the sun to rise anymore. Beginning next week, I will actually have to go home right away after my work ends.

I guess this new shift is better for my biological clock. But I wonder what it will do to my personality. I’ve always been a night person and though the new shift still requires me to be a night person, it will feel a bit strange to leave the house while the sun is still scorching.

Of course, as with everything, it only needs a few days of getting used to and then it won’t feel strange at all. But of course, as with everything, I’m sure I will definitely miss the routines I will now have to leave behind.


Events Day

Posting this in the early morning kasi sigurado na’kong wala na’kong oras mamaya. It’s 6:09AM right now, in case you’re curious.

Events Day today! As in, maraming events ang mangyayari ngayon. Or, maybe konti lang, pero ‘pag iniisip ko parang ang dami talaga.

Happy 23 Takeshi!

It’s Takeshi Yasutoko’s birthday today!! 😀 Happy Birthday to him!! 😀 I can’t believe I’ve been following his career since he was 10. But guess what — his career started when he was even younger than that! Hehehe.

If you don’t know who he is, look him up. And be wonderfully surprised by this person whom I’ve been fangirling for for, wow — (here’s another realization) half of my life!

Uuwi na si Kuya

I’m not an only child anymore!

I’m actually technically the youngest of three, but because both my siblings have been abroad for the past 3 years, it’s been a running joke in our household that I’m an only child. It’s great sometimes, but it’s not really a lot of fun when you’re always in the spotlight. Your mistakes are always noticed!

It might be weird to have my brother around after so long, though. See, before he went abroad to work, he’d been living near his university (ADMU — it’s in QC. Yes! In the north! So very far away from our home!) since he graduated from high school, which was… whoa– 10 years ago!

So many realizations today, too! I can’t believe he hasn’t been living in our house for 10 years already! I mean sure, he comes home during the weekend, but he meets with his friends anyway so most of his time is still spent, er, not at home. We’re not actually that close, so I don’t really notice it, but yeah, it’ll probably be weird at least for the first couple of weeks. But hey, like I said, at least I’m not an only child anymore! 😀

We Won! We Won! Part IV?


Party in our office today, and it involves the final round of the singing contest I was telling you about in the previous entry, and also the other contests (i.e. dating game and quiz bee). My teammates all made it to the final round (of course!), but are we going to win?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

Of course, I’d love if we won all 3 events (though the dating game is just fun, it’s not for prestige of any kind). But even if we don’t, we’ve had so much fun just preparing for them, I think in some ways we’ve already won anyway. 🙂 (Haha, way to keep positive!) But still, I hope we win everything and become overall champions! Not that there’s an award like that. Mayabang lang ako. Hehe.

Work Work Work

Lastly, and this is the part that I least like, ANG DAMING TRABAHO!!!!! 😥


Still New

Look at that. 3 weeks in, and new things are still happening.

It’s 6:06AM and I’m in the office. Hooray.

Just in case you didn’t get that, that’s sarcasm. I hate 6AM. Okay no, that’s not fair. 6AM is just as good as any other hour of the day, except that it’s the start of my new work schedule. Starting today, my shift has become 6AM until 2:30PM and surprise surprise, I’m not happy about it.

It’s not just me, though. Everyone else in my team isn’t happy about it. Mostly because we’ve been spoiled with the regular 9 to 6 schedule for way too long, when all the other teams in the department have had these 6 to 3 and 2 to 11 schedules eversince. So now, my teammates and I, are somewhat exaggerrating our plight, talking in loud fake voices to say “Good morning!” and forcing ourselves to smile and say things like, “It’s such a good day to be up this early!” Okay, that was just me, but mind you everyone laughed and I could tell that they shared the same sentiments.

Oh well, that’s just life, isn’t it? One minute you’re having fun, and the next, you’re waking up at 4 in the morning to endanger your life by taking the public transportation while it’s still dark outside.

Nah, it’s really not that bad. If I lived across the street from my office and didn’t have to take the scary buses (that are prone to racing with other buses in the wee hours of the morning, which causes a lot of accidents), or if I lived in a place safer than the Philippines (or at least safer than Metro Manila, although since I’ve never lived in a province, I can’t really say if it’s safer there. I’m just assuming it is since the towns are smaller and there are less people so statistically speaking, it’s probably safer), then there really wouldn’t be any problem with waking up early and going to work early.


Happy new year again everyone. And good morning.


Somewhat Strange Day

Here’s something different: It’s a Sunday, and I’m in the office.

I wasn’t required by anyone to come here. I just had some work I didn’t get to finish (because I’ve been so unproductive lately, don’t ask why), so I came here. Supposedly, it was okay, because I was going out of the house today anyway to meet my cousin for her birthday. But she sent me a message just this afternoon that she wouldn’t be able to make it. Normally, I would be upset about something like that happening (I’d bought and wrapped her gift already!), but I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it. Some people are like that, right? And I happen to know that she’s one of the people like that. Besides, she just gave me more time to catch up on my work, which again, I’m supposed to be doing now, but am taking a break from.

What I can’t believe is how I’m alone in this entire floor of our building. Okay, no. I’m not alone. There’s a security guard here, but normally, other than him, there would be people from the other departments (or even the same department) who would be rendering overtime on a Sunday, too. Today, however, there isn’t. I’m alone.

Now, there are good things and bad things about being alone: One good thing, is that I can play music without needing to put on my earphones. No one else is here, ergo, no one will be bothered if I play music while I work. Another, is that I can slouch on my desk all I want, without having to wonder if the managers are mistaking me for sleeping in the office. But what I like the most, is actually the peace, of the office, which lets me concentrate on my work better (although I’m really not great at concentrating, hello, I’m blogging right now, aren’t I?). That, and the fact that I can open the covers to the window and see the view.

I’m on the 12th floor, and the view of The Fort Strip from my window is really nice. It was nicer when I was at the 14th floor of the previous building we were at– I could see the Makati skyline. But the view from here is good as well, and it’s not that bad to have a change in view from time to time, right?

This entry isn’t making a lot of sense, I know. It’s really just to get my mind off of the work I’m doing, because it gets boring after a few hours. Anyway, it’s 4:28PM in my timezone right now and I’m going to have to leave the office soon (before dark, so it’ll be easier for me to get home). I don’t think I can finish what I really wanted to do, despite my being here for nearly the entire day. I honestly think I’m slowly ruining my life. It starts with this seemingly uncontrollable unproductivity at work. Despite my having said so many times that I’ll definitely concentrate and work hard, when I get here, I fail. I fail to think about what I need to think about, and end up thinking about the things I don’t need to (or shouldn’t be) thinking about. Are you confused? That’s because this blog doesn’t contain too many things about my er, issues, on life. Hehe. I want to tell you about them (believe me, I do, because no one I know personally likes to listen to me these days), but I think the world will just think it’s petty (because it is). *sigh*

I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m the only one who can help myself at this point. I’m the only one who can make myself productive, and therefore not needing to go to the office on Sundays, but lately, emotions are getting the better of me, and my life slowly gets destroyed. I should think about other things like

Free Food from Chowking

I ate lunch at Chowking today, and was asked a couple of questions about their new product Sjora. It’s some kind of fruit juice with milk. Anyway, after the survey, they gave me a merienda set, for free. 🙂 I wonder if there’s a way to know the schedules of all these surveys so I can just go to fast food outlets and eat without having to spend anything. Hehe.