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Megamall, Movies & Milk Tea

Ang dami kasing kwento. As in madami. Syempre, limang buwan ka ba namang nasa ibang bansa ‘eh ‘di malamang marami kang maikukwento pagbalik mo. At syempre maraming pictures. At kung anu-ano pa. Pero, alam n’yo naman ako, fan ako ng storytelling na may iba’t ibang vocal stylings, hand gestures at facial expressions. Lalo kung mga pangyayari sa sariling buhay ang ikukwento mo. Kung kaya’t, hindi ako magblo-blog tungkol sa mga nangyari sa New Zealand. Anyway, I don’t think meron din naman sa inyong ganun ka-interesado na magbabasa pa ng 5-months-worth of kwento about New Zealand.

So ngayon, anong ilalagay ko dito sa blog ko? Alangan namang hindi na’ko mag-update kahit kelan? Nakakalungkot naman ‘yun. Ang totoo, namiss ko ring mag-update dito nung nasa New Zealand ako. Ang hirap lang kasi mag-update kasi sobrang bagal ng WordPress ‘dun. Ewan ko rin bakit. Hindi blog-friendly ‘yung bansa na ‘yun. Kaya nga ngayong nasa Pinas na’ko ulit, parang dapat mag-update na’ko dito. Pero tungkol saan?

Magkukwento na lang ako tungkol sa mga pangyayari since nakauwi ako. May mga sampung araw na rin naman.


Sa hindi sinasadyang paraan, nangyaring nakapunta na’ko sa Megamall nang tatlong beses mula nang dumating ako sa Pinas. Kinukwento ko kasi hindi naman ako madalas nagpupunta ‘dun. Bakit ako pupunta ‘eh ang layu-layo mula sa bahay namin? Pero nagkataong may mga dahilan ako para magpunta ‘dun. At ngayon, makalipas ang ilang beses na pagpunta ‘dun, gusto ko lang sabihin, na hindi ko pa rin siya gusto. ATC ‘da best pa rin! Hahaha! Masyado ba akong loyalista? Sige na nga, aaminin kong may benefits din naman ang pagpunta ‘dun, tulad ng pagiging magkakalapit ng Bon Chon Chicken, Krispy Kreme, atbp. Pero ATC pa rin. (Ang kulet!)


At dahil ang mahal mahal manood ng sine sa NZ, konti lang ang napanood ko. Or, actually I think by NZ standards ‘eh medyo marami na ‘yun. Pero kung ikukumpara mo sa usual kong panonood ng sine dito sa Pinas, which is halos 1 movie a week, sobrang konti nung mga pinanood kong sine sa NZ. Sa totoo lang, alam kong maganda ang buhay sa mga bansang 1st world, pero naman, P550 para sa sine?! Sobrang na-appreciate ko talaga na dito, P300 lang ‘eh naka-3D ka na. Kaya ayan, 10 days pa lang ako ulit dito sa Pinas, nakatatlong sine na’ko: Ligo na U, Lapit na MeHorrible Bosses, at What’s Your Number?

Sa tatlo, pinakanagustuhan ko ‘yung What’s Your Number? And mainly because gwapo si Chris Evans at nakakatuwa si Anna Faris. Of course, ‘yung kwento niya is predictable typical romantic comedy, pero better than any of Katherine Heigl’s movies naman ‘no. Pinakanadisappoint ako ‘dun sa Ligo na U, Lapit na Me. Kasi naman akala ko maganda dahil local indie film, ‘yung tipong, Dinig Sana Kita o kaya Endo level. But, no. Realistic lang siya, pero dahil nga sa sobrang pagka-realistic, hindi siya ganun ka-interesting. Then ‘yung Horrible Bosses naman, ‘yun ‘yung movieng, pwede na. Hindi maganda, pero hindi rin naman sobrang panget. At natuwa na rin ako dahil kasama sa writing team si John Francis Daley. 🙂

Milk Tea

Milk tea! 😀

Sa lahat ng namiss ko sa Pilipinas, pinakanamiss ko ang pagkain. Hindi nga. Ewan ko ba. Alam kong maganda ang mga 1st world countries dahil maayos ang gobyerno nila, reliable ang mga ospital at hindi mataas ang crime rate, pero… iniisip ko na baka kung lahat ng tao sa Pilipinas ‘eh ma-experience ang buhay sa ibang bansa, sobrang mas-maaappreciate nila ‘yung mga bagay dito sa Pilipinas na hindi naman natin talagang pinag-iisipan. Katulad ng, pwede kang mag-tsinelas araw-araw. O kaya, ng milk tea.

Ang sarap ng milk tea ng Gong Cha. As in. Masayang-masaya ako na triny ko siya nung nasa Glorietta 4 ako. And although sinasabi nila na “novelty drinks” lang ang milk tea at eventually mawawala sila sa uso katulad ng nangyari sa Zagu, masaya ako na at least meron siya sa Pilipinas for a while. At na meron ditong coffee jelly. Alam n’yo ba na walang coffee jelly sa New Zealand? And yes, masarap ang steak ‘dun at patatas at apples, pero dito may mango shake! At turron! At Gong Cha Milk Earl Grey Tea with Pearls!

Ang labo ba ng mga kwento ko? Ang hirap kasi talaga mag-explain. Pero baka pwede kong i-sum up in one sentence: I’m home. 🙂


This is what is known as a waste of time.

Maybe I should get an award for being the best at wasting time. That sounds stupid, but it’s really not as easy as you think. Or maybe it is and I’m just being ridiculous. But that’s exactly my point. Or, one of them. Being ridiculous is a waste of time.

I’m not talking about being idle. No, that’s nothing remarkable. Sure you waste time when all you do is sit in front of the TV and watch Gossip Girl all day. That’s easy. Because you’re not doing anything. Wasting time by being lazy and doing nothing all day is nothing new, nor is it impressive. What I’m talking about, is exerting effort, and lots of it, but specifically to waste your time.

When you think about it, wasting time while doing something is very difficult to do. For example, you roll a piece of paper into a ball and throw it in the trash bin. You do it enough times, and sooner or later, you’ve got a skill. It may be a very useless skill, but a skill nonetheless, and therefore an accomplishment. It’s how the world ends up with people being paid to play games. Surely, when they spent all that time in front of the computer during their youth, their parents and friends thought they were doing nothing but wasting time. But slowly, their gaming skills progressed and viola! Game companies are seeking them out for their gaming expertise, to find out what games can be sold.

I think I’m drifting further from the point. What are all these words all about? Why, the universal answer for everything cryptic and corny and useless and eye-rolling of course: Love.

This is what I’m talking about — that everyday, I would check a certain person’s Facebook page and read everything in it as if I haven’t read it all before. I would look at all his friends and see if we have any mutual friends, as if they change every 2 hours (they don’t). I check the Facebook pages of his previous friends and see if they’re friends again. I would read their profiles, looking for a sliver of information about him. I would Google his name and e-mail address and see if there are any new websites at all that mention him (there aren’t). And while I do this, I try to analyze each and every little detail about the smallest information I can find. For example, yesterday, his profile was open to everyone. Today, it can only be viewed by his friends. A few months ago, he deleted certain people from his friends list, and then added them again 33 days later. Up until two weeks ago, his status in YM was always Invisible. And then he was suddenly visible, but only during work hours. On weekends, he’s invisible sometimes, but visible other times. Sometimes he’s not online at all. Sometimes his friends tell me he’s in a bad mood for an entire week. He may or may not have watched a movie with his sister last Friday.

I gather all this information and think about what they all could mean– why was he in a bad mood? Why did he change his status to invisible? Why did he delete certain friends from a list, only to add them again later? Why did he see a movie with his sister? Does it mean that he asked a girl out but she said no and he took his sister instead? Did his sister blackmail him into treating her to a movie? Is he online on weekends because they’ve finally got internet connection at home? Is he out some weekends because his brothers won’t let him use the computer?

I think and think and think and come up with several answers for each ridiculous question– he and his ex are back together, they’re talking with each other through YM because she lives abroad; he treated his sister out to several movies because it was his graduation present to her; he changed the settings of his Facebook page because he met some new people and wanted his profile to be searchable, or maybe he made a mistake when clicking a button under privacy settings and accidentally opened his profile page to everyone; maybe he met someone he could start a business with and has been meeting with him/her for a while to talk about their plans to make money; maybe he was reading all the letters I wrote and for a split second missed me, too; maybe he had a fight with one of his best friends and that’s why they’re no longer talking with each other; maybe his brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s classmate is partially responsible for the price hike of gasoline…

Do you see what I mean?

So much effort exerted to find out information, so many resources used, so many words spoken and exchanged with so many people, so many brain cells utilized, and it’s all for nothing.

I don’t learn any obscure skill except to be able to make myself feel like crap in an instant. I’m not going to help anybody sell anything. I’m literally, tiring myself out by being extremely unproductive.

This is what is known as a waste of time.


I Suppose I Should Blog

I haven’t written here in about a month. It’s not because I’ve been busy. It’s because… I miss my computer at home.

Para sa mga huli sa balita, wala ako sa bahay ngayon. Nasa New Zealand ako, sa bahay ni Ate, helping her plan her wedding. 🙂 It’s a lot of fun and all, and my future brother-in-law was kind enough to let me use one of his laptops (that means he’s got more than one) while I’m here, which is why I’m able to write this at all. I’m not complaining.

But I really miss home. I miss the heat. Oh, do I miss the heat.

That said, I’m really enjoying myself here. Because, why wouldn’t I? I know how lucky I am to be here. Other people would kill to be in my place (well, maybe not kill). So, I’m being really happy. I’m trying not to think about what’s going to happen after this, even if, I will eventually have to deal with it. There’s no stopping the future. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Also, May 19 came and went, and I didn’t do anything special at all. Not that I needed to. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no special occasion on May 19. Why am I even mentioning it? Maybe because in a parallel universe, I woke up early on May 19 and was able to do something special, and maybe I called home and talked to a certain friend and had a nice conversation that kept me in a good mood the whole day.

As Ellie Bartowski said,

“If everything is awesome, and nothing is unawesome, then awesome by definition is just mediocre.”

I really need to work at looking at the bright side of things.



I cannot believe how fast time flies. I just looked at my planner for 2009 and can’t believe that the events I wrote about in there took place last year when I remember them as clearly as if they’d happened yesterday. Then again, I still remember things that happened in high school like they just happened yesterday, too. If only my memory could be as good when it comes to academic stuff.

Anyway, today I went to a Christmas party of sorts with my former officemates. We haven’t worked in the same office since 2006, but we’ve remained friends anyway. I’m happy about things like that. When things in your life change, but other things stay the same. We all have different lives now, way different, but we find time to see each other and have dinner together, even when it’s just during Christmas time. OK, I’ll admit it now, this is my favorite thing about Christmas — how old friends miss you. Of course, if it were me, I miss old friends all the time, holiday or not. But I’m happy that at least once a year, they remember me, too. 🙂

Aww, was that too dramatic? What can I say? My self-hatred knows no bounds. 😯

There’s now barely 2 weeks left for 2010. I don’t even remember what my New Year’s Resolutions were back in January, if I ever made them at all. Probably not though because I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions. But I am kind of happy about how mankind has created this calendar system so you can keep track of things. I mean, how did people live before times and dates were invented? Even now that we have dates, and I write down things that have happened or will happen, I still have problems keeping track of my life. What did people do back then? So they were born, and then they don’t even notice growing old because they don’t keep track of/celebrate birthdays, and all their experiences feel like a blur because they can’t tell how long ago a certain event happened, and then suddenly they have grey hair and have a hard time walking and will just realize that they’re about to die?

How did they keep track of their jobs? I mean, sure there’s sunrise and sunsets, but what about seasons? How do they know when it’s about to be winter and their plants will die? They keep track of how many sunrises there’ve been?

Such random things in my head. And brought about by such a mundane thought, too — I need a new planner and I’m having trouble deciding on what to get. On the one hand, I’m only a few stickers away from redeeming the Starbucks Planner. But on the other hand, all my friends from my old office got the same planner, and being the sheep that I am, I want my planner to be the same as theirs. (OK, this isn’t the only reason. The planner they got, the Witty Will Save the World, Co. planner, is also pretty cool.) Hence, I am really confused.

Is this even a valid concern regarding the new year? While other people are concerned about getting older, making a difference in the world, saving the environment and other things important, I’m using up the last few days of 2010 trying to figure out what planner I should use for 2011. Talk about superficiality.