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Ang Huling El Bimbo

I wonder if when other radio stations close, they also get this kind of farewell. That (at least) hundreds will be outside their studio, singing along and swaying to their last song. What would even be the last song that they play? If they played a song by Usher, wouldn’t there be another radio station that also usually plays songs by Usher that can claim his songs as their farewell song?

Ang Huling El Bimbo by the Eraserheads.

Can you think of a song more fitting? Sure, the Eraserheads were famous enough back then for their songs to be played in all the radio stations. But let me tell you something, by the time a station other than NU107 started playing Overdrive, we who listed to the home of NURock have already memorized it. We’d already bought the cassette of Cutterpillow while the album cover was still brown and grainy, instead of the cleaner blue that eventually covered the walls of Radio City (this was a record store, it’s also gone now).

It was NU107 that gave life to the OPM bands. And I daresay, that all the people who became musicians because of the Eraserheads, probably wouldn’t even have known about them too well if it wasn’t for NU107.

Is it strange that something like a radio station, something that you don’t even really think about (unless you’re a big music geek, which not most people are) can evoke this much sadness? I don’t think so. But that’s because NU107 wasn’t really just a radio station to me.

I was just a listener, to be sure. I never even called them up to place a song request. But still I felt like it was a part of my identity somehow. If only because it didn’t play the same songs that everyone else was playing.

Back in high school, I would hang out a lot at the school publication office because I worked at the school paper. In the office was a radio, which was one of the few perks that we, the newspaper staff, enjoyed. We could tune into any radio station we wanted, and everyone knew, just knew, that when it was tuned into 107.5, that meant that I was in the office, and that I had tuned it there. Of course, when more people entered the office, they’d insist on tuning into somewhere else, a station “less noisy” as they put it, and I wouldn’t argue with them, but that’s not really my point. The point is that NU107 was connected to me. It was my radio station, and if you walked in and saw the radio tuned into any other station, you couldn’t tell who put it there.

If, just what if, another radio station, whichever other one (except for maybe DZFE98.7 , which plays classical music, or RJ100.3, which plays oldies (70’s music or older)) also closed down, would anyone be as sad as we fans of NU had been when we found out that NU was closing? Maybe they’d also have a street party of sorts outside that station’s studio, but would they really feel the same? Would they really feel as lost as we do? Because when I first found out that NU107 was closing, the first thing I thought of was, “But where will I listen to rock songs anymore?!” But if it was another station, well… Nearly every other station has a clone station, which plays basically the same music.

I’m recently obsessed with Firefly, that Joss Whedon show that didn’t quite get as famous as Buffy and was cancelled after only one season but became a cult classic anyway, and well, I just can’t help but think about how it’s those great ones that leave us so quickly. Firefly, NU107, Cotton Candy McFlurry. And, why can’t I ever like the ones that stick around for a long time? Ketchup. Pop songs with lyrics like “Baby, I love you”. Law & Order. I must have a knack for finding things that can break your heart.


From the Radio

May dalawang magkaibigan. Nakita nung isa ‘yung kaibigan niyang gumagawa ng sulat.

Kaibigan1: Uy, para kanino ‘yang sinusulat mo?
Kaibigan2: Para sa 5-year-old kong pamangkin.
Kaibigan1: Ah, ‘eh bakit ang bagal mong magsulat?
Kaibigan2: ‘Eh mabagal pa siyang magbasa ‘eh!


Q: Ilang beses ka sa isang linggo nag-aahit?
A: Mga… 50 times.
Q: Ha?!?! Ang dami naman!
A: ‘Eh barbero ako ‘eh!


In-off ng isang lalake ‘yung TV.

Lalake1: O, bakit pinatay mo ‘yung TV?
Lalake2: Masyadong violent ‘eh! Biruin mo, walang pang nangyayari, suntukan na agad sila┬ánang suntukan!
Lalake1: Talaga? ‘Eh ano bang pinapanood mo?
Lalake2: Boxing!


(Technically from Gary Lising, but I heard it on the radio as well, so…)

Q: Anong Tagalog ng “chair”?
A: Salumpuwit.

Q: ‘Eh ano naman ang Tagalog ng “wheel chair”?
A: Salumpo.

Q: Anong Tagalog ng “vinegar”?
A: Salumpia!!

Here’s one, which is just a conversation, but I found myself laughing nonetheless.

Girl DJ: In fairness kay Miss Venezuela, 18 years old pa lang siya.
Boy DJ: 18 lang siya? Ganon? ‘Di na pala kami bagay.
Girl DJ: Oo naman, height pa lang ‘eh.
Boy DJ: Oo nga. Ikaw, balak mo bang mag-Miss Universe?
Girl DJ: Oo.
Boy DJ: Talaga? O ngayon pa lang simulan mo na. Simulan mo nang tanggapin na hindi ka talaga magiging Miss Universe kahit kailan.
Girl DJ: Akala ko sasabihin mo simulan ko nang magpapayat.
Boy DJ: Hahaha! Hindi na! ‘Wag ka nang mag-effort! O pwede ka sigurong sumali, bilang Miss Pluto. Miss Universe naman, diba?

Ilan lang ‘yan sa mga joke na naririnig ko sa radyo tuwing nagkokomyut ako. Hindi ko na maalala ‘yung iba. Hehe, pasensya’t mababaw. Magdadagdag na lang ako ‘pag may marinig ako ulit na maalala ko. ­čśÇ

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Radyo Drama

On my way to the office this morning, my Dad and I were listening to some news on the radio. (Actually he was listening, I just happened to be there.) Anyway, an interview with┬áMindanao’s Commander Bravo was on. They were asking him about the hostage situation and other chaotic events in their region, and basically, Commander Bravo was denying that he and his group had anything to do with the burning houses nor the hostages. Anyway, it’s not a laughing matter definitely, but he did say something that totally made me and my dad laugh.

Reporter: Pero ‘yung tungkol ho sa mga sibilyan na namatay, ‘yung mga inosenteng tao, ano hong masasabi n’yo?

Commander Bravo: Ah, matagal na kaming hindi pumapatay ng mga sibilyan.

My dad and I burst into laughter. I didn’t even hear anymore what else was talked about after that because we were goofing around with the other things he could’ve said, like, “Matagal na kaming hindi pumapatay ng sibilyan. Namimiss na nga namin ‘eh! Mabuti pinaalala mo, ‘no?”

The world is crazy crazy. @_@