Short Story, Writing


There was an audible silence at the other end of the line. Or, it was really from both ends as it wouldn’t have been a silence at all if it weren’t mutual. She didn’t know what to do. She was looking at the timer and so she knew, it had been at least three whole seconds since either of them spoke. She pressed ‘End Call’ as soon as the second timer turned into four. After all, the last statement they exchanged was ‘Good night.’ And for a phone call, that was as good as ‘Goodbye.’ The phone call was over. But she couldn’t ignore the four seconds between the last things they said, and the actual end of the digital connection. It was as though they’d left enough space for each other to say one more thing.

“I love you,” she whispered, staring at the extra four seconds on the timer on her phone.

“I love you,” he whispered, too.



So many things can be attributed to Fate when it comes to you and me.

If I hadn’t been on a holiday from work, I wouldn’t have gone to that bar in the first place.
If that guy hadn’t bought my friend a drink, I wouldn’t have stayed long enough to see you come in.
If my friend hadn’t asked me to translate the menu, I never would’ve known we both had a passion for food and languages.
If we hadn’t gone out of the restrooms at the same time, we wouldn’t have walked back to the bar together.
If there had been more beer left, we wouldn’t have shared the last bottle.
If there had been any seats left, we wouldn’t have sat next to each other on the steps outside, looking out onto the dark, empty street, comparing it to our dark, empty lives.
If your workplace hadn’t been so close to where I lived, I never would’ve invited you over for dinner.
If you hadn’t liked wine as much as I did, we wouldn’t have finished that bottle.
If we both hadn’t been recently heartbroken, we wouldn’t have revealed such intimate details about ourselves to each other.
If you hadn’t smiled as you looked into my eyes, I would have never fallen in love with you.
If you hadn’t still loved her and gotten back together with her, I wouldn’t have become so devoid of joy or hope or life.
If Fate hadn’t intervened with our lives so much, perhaps this love wouldn’t have been so fatal.

People, Writing


“Don’t settle,” they said.

And by “they” I really mean “everyone.” If I had a nickel for every time someone said to someone that he/she shouldn’t settle on a relationship that they think “isn’t good enough,” I think I would be a rich person.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in this philosophy. It makes total sense. Who wouldn’t want the best? Given that we’re insatiable as a species, it’s already difficult for us to be content with someone we really like. So imagine how much harder it would be if we forced ourselves to settle on someone we only kind of like.

So don’t settle. Keep on looking for “the one” that’s best for you. There are 7 billion (?) people in the world, it’s highly likely that there’s someone out there who’s everything you’re looking for and more. So don’t settle on the first guy/girl you meet who shows an interest in you. Set your standards as high as you like, be very discerning or even discriminating when picking a partner. Look for someone who exceeds even your wildest dreams.

And then hope against hope and everything else you believe in, that they settle for you.


Tell Me Something

I am not a poet. My poetry skills have not improved since Grade School. I still rhyme. Who cares. February is full of mush.

Tell Me Something

Tell me something new
Something I haven’t heard
Something I can’t find in books
Something that’s unique to you
Tell me something new

Tell me something great
Something that’ll make me smile
Something that makes the day worthwhile
Something I’ll appreciate
Tell me something great

Tell me something strange
Something I can think about
Something that’ll make me go “Hmm…”
Something my mind can’t arrange
Tell me something strange

Tell me something like no other
Don’t give me the standard response
That when I say “I Love You”
You say, “Sorry, I love another.”
Tell me something like no other