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Tea Fortune

I suppose I could study Tasseography if I wanted to take fortune-telling seriously, but really, I just bought some tea that has pieces of paper with quotes attached to the string of each bag. And because I’m superduperstitious, I’d like to believe that the quote on my tea bag for the day is my fortune for the day. You know, like fortune cookies. Except with tea.

Anyway, here are the ones I’ve gotten so far:

The voice of your soul is breath.

At first I thought this was just about one person (myself) and it means that every time I breathe, my soul is speaking. And I thought that that was fine. Not very interesting for my first tea fortune, but I thought I could spin it like this: If the voice of my soul were my breath, then every time you take my breath away, you take a part of my soul with you.

I was already satisfied with that interpretation, but just before I threw the tea bag out, I read it again and interpreted it this way: The voice of your soul, is my breath. As in, your soul keeps me alive.

I like the 2nd interpretation better now, but I think the 1st one’s not too bad either. As for how it relates to my life, well, that one I’m going to have to spend more time thinking about.

He who wants a rose must respect the thorn. – Persian Proverb

This kind of hurt me a little bit as I was “complaining” all day about how someone I like is acting like someone I don’t like. So this felt like a kind of wake-up call for me. Bottom line: Nobody’s perfect. You take the good with the bad. You must learn to accept people for their strengths as well as their faults/weaknesses, Warts and all, yada yada yada… Right. Fine. Ako rin naman maraming ginagawang hindi amazing. I should stop complaining now.

Your greatest strength is love.

I really didn’t want to relate all the quotes to love, but today I wasn’t given a choice. And because this quote is so obviously about love (It has the word “love” in it!), I now see the ridiculousness of what I’m actually doing here. I mean, of course I know these quotes are actually meaningless and not my fortune for the day. I just kind of wanted to look forward to something before drinking tea. What I’m saying is, I’m sorry, my tea for today, but you are wrong. Because I happen to know that love is not my greatest strength. Love is my greatest weakness.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. – Vincent Van Gogh

Not much I can say about this except that it must be true since Van Gogh said it and he painted a lot of nature-y things. Very well.


Part of his soul

“When I first came to Winterfell, I was hurt whenever Ned went to the godswood to sit beneath his heart tree. Part of his soul was in that tree, I knew, a part I would never share. Yet without that part, I soon realized, he would not have been Ned.”

– Catelyn, A Song of Ice and Fire Book Three: A Storm of Swords