Fate Decides

‘Wag n’yo nang pansinin ‘yung title. Mababaw lang ‘to. Tungkol ito sa Starbucks 2011 Planner. Ganun kababaw.

I finally finished collecting stickers and was able to redeem my Starbucks 2011 Planner today. Hooray! It’s an accomplishment, right? A very small and insignificant accomplishment, but it’s something that I started and finished, which is more than I can say for a lot of other things that I’ve started. Anyway, in November, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to get the Starbucks planner for 2011. I thought that maybe I wanted a change since my planner for 2010 is the Starbucks 2010 planner. And there are other planners that are really cool like, the Witty Will Save the World planner, which is hilarious, but too small for my somewhat strange way of writing (I like big notebooks will lots of space). And also the This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life, which has pretty pretty brown pages, bits and pieces of trivia (which I’m crazy about) and vintage-style pictures. But it’s got pages for “budget plan” or “ways to improve yourself”, and I’m just not that responsible to have anything to write in pages like those. Plus, I love coffee, and after getting one or two stickers on that Starbucks booklet, as Leonard from The Big Bang Theory said in The Staircase Implementation (S3E22), “after you’ve passed the first three barriers you kind of want to take it all the way.”

Hence, I decided to get the Starbucks 2011 Planner. So the next question was, which of the 3 designs should I get? Brown, maroon, or silver? I kind of wanted the brown one, except that I also really like the maroon one, and the silver isn’t too bad either. So, in accordance with my policy on things that I can’t decide on, I left it to Fate.

I got the last sticker needed at SM Southmall today and asked if they had the brown planner available. Wouldn’t you know it, they were out of the brown ones and had only maroon and silver. Since my friend J already has the silver one, and I don’t want us to have the same kind, there was only once choice left — maroon.

OK, I’m aware that I could’ve just gone to another branch of Starbucks, or waited a few more days to redeem my planner, but like I said, I leave things to Fate sometimes (even things as petty as this), and I think Fate decided for me to have this maroon velvet planner. So I will love it just like how I love all my planners.

P.S. Alam ko, sobrang babaw grabe over sa babaw ang post na ito. But you know, I’m a little bit in love with notebooks and ballpens and planners and paper and coffee and all that stuff, plus my life is really boring so this is actually pretty relevant. 🙂



I cannot believe how fast time flies. I just looked at my planner for 2009 and can’t believe that the events I wrote about in there took place last year when I remember them as clearly as if they’d happened yesterday. Then again, I still remember things that happened in high school like they just happened yesterday, too. If only my memory could be as good when it comes to academic stuff.

Anyway, today I went to a Christmas party of sorts with my former officemates. We haven’t worked in the same office since 2006, but we’ve remained friends anyway. I’m happy about things like that. When things in your life change, but other things stay the same. We all have different lives now, way different, but we find time to see each other and have dinner together, even when it’s just during Christmas time. OK, I’ll admit it now, this is my favorite thing about Christmas — how old friends miss you. Of course, if it were me, I miss old friends all the time, holiday or not. But I’m happy that at least once a year, they remember me, too. 🙂

Aww, was that too dramatic? What can I say? My self-hatred knows no bounds. 😯

There’s now barely 2 weeks left for 2010. I don’t even remember what my New Year’s Resolutions were back in January, if I ever made them at all. Probably not though because I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions. But I am kind of happy about how mankind has created this calendar system so you can keep track of things. I mean, how did people live before times and dates were invented? Even now that we have dates, and I write down things that have happened or will happen, I still have problems keeping track of my life. What did people do back then? So they were born, and then they don’t even notice growing old because they don’t keep track of/celebrate birthdays, and all their experiences feel like a blur because they can’t tell how long ago a certain event happened, and then suddenly they have grey hair and have a hard time walking and will just realize that they’re about to die?

How did they keep track of their jobs? I mean, sure there’s sunrise and sunsets, but what about seasons? How do they know when it’s about to be winter and their plants will die? They keep track of how many sunrises there’ve been?

Such random things in my head. And brought about by such a mundane thought, too — I need a new planner and I’m having trouble deciding on what to get. On the one hand, I’m only a few stickers away from redeeming the Starbucks Planner. But on the other hand, all my friends from my old office got the same planner, and being the sheep that I am, I want my planner to be the same as theirs. (OK, this isn’t the only reason. The planner they got, the Witty Will Save the World, Co. planner, is also pretty cool.) Hence, I am really confused.

Is this even a valid concern regarding the new year? While other people are concerned about getting older, making a difference in the world, saving the environment and other things important, I’m using up the last few days of 2010 trying to figure out what planner I should use for 2011. Talk about superficiality.


Tall, Dark, and Cherry Mocha

White cups are gone and the red cups are here! Or so the Starbucks ad says…

Today is the start of the Starbucks Christmas season sticker-collecting mania. Collect all 16 (Yes, there’s only 16 to collect this year, not 24 like last year) stickers and you get a Starbucks planner in return.

So my officemates and I were so excited, we went to the nearest Starbucks branch right after lunch. And me, being all excited about their new Christmas flavoured drink, I ordered a Tall one. So when the barista announced that it was ready, it went a little something like this:

Tall Dark Cherry Mocha for Ida!

My actual Tall, Dark, and Cherry Mocha
My actual Tall, Dark, and Cherry Mocha

In the split-second between the words “tall” and “dark” I imagined that “handsome” would come next and that a tall, dark, and handsome guy would suddenly materialize in front of me. Now that’s better than any old planner. 😉 Hehehe.

Unfortunately, I am not that lucky. But I do, however have a story about being very lucky in Starbucks, involving my friend/officemate who went there with us this afternoon.

See, the barista gave her the wrong change. No, she wasn’t short-changed, but the opposite of that. And it wasn’t just a peso or not even 20 pesos more than what her change should’ve been. She got over 500 pesos extra. But she didn’t realize it until we got back to the office. Anyway, she went downstairs again, across the street and into the Starbucks branch to return the extra 500 pesos she got. And guess what?

The manager apologized and said that if she came back to their branch tomorrow, she’d give her a Starbucks Planner! For Free!

It’s an early Christmas for her I’d say! 😀