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Overheard at 711

Sa likod ko sa pila sa 711, may dalawang lalakeng nag-uusap. I kid you not, their conversation went like this:

Guy1: Confirmed na ‘pre!
Guy2: Sigurado ka ‘tol?
Guy1: Oo, tsong!
Guy2: P*t*ng In*, man!

Really. How many times do you need to indicate to each other that you’re friends? I didn’t hear what information it was that was apparently confirmed. I didn’t need to hear. That exchange was entertaining enough. Haha.

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Note to Self:

Remember how in high school, the guy you liked didn’t like you back? That just a week after you shared that funny moment when he volunteered to come with you to the auditorium to take pictures of the quiz bee for the school paper and your Statistics teacher winked at you because she was sure there was puppy love between the two of you what with how you passed each other notes in class and copied each others’ homework.

Yeah, remember how only a week after all that, you saw him holding hands with a girl you’d never even seen him talk to before and yet he was suddenly proclaiming to the world that they were madly in love?

And that it didn’t even matter that everyone else, your Statistics teacher especially, raised their eyebrows and shook their heads and said that no, that wasn’t what was supposed to happen. He liked you. Everybody could see it. Why else would he have volunteered to help you with the school paper, right? And why else would he have said ‘sorry’ in front of the class and given you that candy bar when you got a low grade on that group report and it was all his fault?

Just remember all of that; how embarassing it was when you actually told your Statistics teacher that she got it all wrong. Remember how much it hurt when you heard they were going to the prom together, remember how you still had to see them holding hands and linking arms and sharing food in the canteen every single day after that week, and remember how they were still together even when you all went off to college and studied in different schools, which proved to you that they actually did fall in love and it wasn’t just a high school social status thing.

Remember all of that, especially how much it used to make you cry. Remember all those nights you skipped reading chapters of your books and got a low score on your quiz the next day.

Remember that. And then, remember that you got over it.

That when you think about it now, that when you look back on it now, you don’t even shed a tear. Remember that you don’t even know if they’re still together and that you never found out when they graduated or what their jobs are. Remember that if you somehow hear from friends or old classmates that they eventually got married and had several kids together, you can honestly say that you’re happy for them.

Remember that. And then, believe that if you could get over something like that once, if you could pull yourself together and make yourself feel better again after all of that once, then you can do it again.

And soon. Now, preferably.

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The Perfect Girl

Dear Male of the Species,

If we girls have accepted that there’s no such thing as a perfect guy, shouldn’t you also accept that there’s no such thing as a perfect girl?! 🙄 And you dare call us females demanding.

But actually, this post is mostly about the movie RPG: Metanoia. Sort of.

I saw the movie and still loved it despite thinking that I might be disappointed because of too much hype surrounding it. Seriously, I loved it because it was absolutely fantastic, from the story to the effects to the dialogue to the soundtrack to basically everything except… (Well, you know, nothing is perfect, after all) I really dislike the character of the girl, Mae. The reason? Because she’s too perfect it’s unrealistic. And I know, I know, it’s a movie and therefore the writers have poetic license to be unrealistic. But… Grrr!

🙄 It’s so typical. Halatang-halata mong lalake ‘yung nagsulat kasi masyadong ideal ‘yung girl. Magaling na mag-basketball, magaling pa sa RPG. Tapos maganda. Tapos funny. Tapos friendly. Tapos nasa kanya ‘yung solusyon kung paano natalo ‘yung kalaban nila. Basta lahat na! Ang OA! Wala man lang ni isang flaw. It’s like Edward from Twilight except babae. And… I really dislike it. Writing perfect characters is just, in my opinion, immature. ‘Pag masyadong perfect, walang conflict, and, magiging kasalanan lahat nung ibang tao ‘yung mga maling pangyayari. Tapos, malamang, magkakagusto sa kanya ‘yung ibang characters. ‘Eh perfect siya ‘eh. Walang “I love you in spite of…” na storyline. It’s so annoying.

I mean, OK lang naman to write a strong woman character. Like Buffy is strong, and she’s pretty and athletic, but she’s not perfect. She’s not good with computers, she always asks Willow to help her with that and other school stuff, and she can fall for the wrong guy, too (Parker Abrams). Or si Sarah Walker ng Chuck. Maganda, sexy, magaling sa martial arts, top CIA spy, pero medyo damaged din psychologically kasi conman ‘yung tatay niya and for most of her life she’s been on the run, pretending to be someone else. And, basta, gets n’yo na ‘yun. And maybe you can say that, yeah, pambata ‘yung story ng RPG: Metanoia and walang time to flesh out all the characters, but what would be so wrong if Mae had some negative characteristics, like maybe hindi siya marunong mag-bike, or that hindi ganun ka-galing ‘yung character niya sa game?

Or maybe this is my personal issue, because I’ve just met too many guys who keep thinking that they’re so alone dahil geek sila or kung anu-ano pang self-pity reasons, but actually masyado lang kasi silang naniniwala na may “perfect girl” who wouldn’t give them the time of day kaya even if may nagkakagusto naman sa kanila na imperfect girls (which is basically kahit sinong girl in the world), hindi pa rin nila naaappreciate. And ‘yan, dahil dito sa RPG: Metanoia, lalo pang na-reinforce ‘yung belief ko na ganyan nga ang mga lalake mag-isip. Kasi ‘yung character ni Mae, lalake ang nagsulat.

“You’re gonna go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. It’ll be because, you’re an a**hole.” – Erica (Rooney Mara) to Mark (Jesse Eisenberg), The Social Network