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Video Call City

So for the past 6 months, I’ve been living in New Zealand with my sister and her family, and though it’s been great, there are days when I miss my friends a lot. Enter technology! I have/have had, basically all the messaging apps known to man (LOL) and because most of them have the video call function and my sister’s place has WiFi, it’s really not that difficult to see my friends. Of course, I still have to schedule the call with them, we are in different timezones, after all. But it’s a small price to pay for the ability to see and talk to them relatively often.



K and M at Magnum Opus – K went home to the Philippines from Singapore (where he works) last November and so he and M met up at one our favorite coffee shops. I got so jealous of their specialty coffees, but then remembered that I was in Wellington, the coffee capital of New Zealand! I fixed myself a cup right after the call. 🙂 Oh, and! Cameo appearance by one of my nephews as they happened to call me while I was still babysitting.

Virtual Noche Buena with M – Noche Buena isn’t really a tradition here in NZ and M back in the Philippines didn’t have anyone to spend it with as other members of her family were busy with work and stuff so she called me on Messenger at dinner time on the 24th and we ate our meal at the same time. 😛 Our video chat lasted ’til after midnight so when I realized it was December 25 already, we decided to take a screenshot of our video call while I was standing by the Christmas tree in my sister’s house.

Sunday with R – I am glad that R makes time for me every other Sunday (more or less) because most of the time, he only has one day off per week and he’s kind of a workaholic. And though our video call sessions are usually spent with me babbling about irrelevant things and him occupied with something else on his laptop (read: Morning Musume news), I’d like to believe that this is still quality time spent together as a couple. ❤

Christmas Dinner + ATC Lakwatsa with my Pre-school Friends – Obviously, I couldn’t go to the annual Christmas get-together that my pre-school friends (We’ve been friends since before 1st grade!) and I have, but this is the age of 4G and Z has unlimited data, so! They called me when they had dinner at Sushi Ninja in Westgate, and also while they had their takeaway desserts at the open area of ATC, which as you can see (kind of), is currently beautifully decorated with twinkly Christmas lights. 🙂 It was super fun as they told me how their holidays were so far and showed me the food they ate as well as the gifts they got. It really felt like I was there with them. 😀

Not in picture – All the Skype sessions my sister (and her twins) and I had with our parents (and other family members, e.g. our aunts and brother and dogs). Since we usually talk to them while we’re taking care of the twins, it can get difficult to find a place to put the laptop (where the twins can’t get to it) let alone take a presentable screenshot of the conversation. So, this mention will have to do.

I really am so grateful to technology for making this possible, and of course to my family and friends for taking the time to make the almost 10,000 km distance between us feel significantly shorter. 🙂


I don’t know which is worse…

that he doesn’t love me and so I have to get over him


that she’s got a new best friend and now I have to get over her, too.

Akalain mo ‘yun, kailangan mo rin palang matutong mag-move on sa mga friendship. Parang doble hirap kasi at least ‘pag ex-boyfriend ang kailangan mong pag-move-onan, tutulungan ka ng kaibigan mo. ‘Eh paano kung ‘yung kaibigan mo ang umiwan sa’yo? Wala ka namang boyfriend para tulungan ka. Paano na? Mag-isa ka na lang. Tulungan mo sarili mo.

May nag-send sa’kin ng quote, “Maturity begins when you realize that no one is coming to the rescue. In order to have a good future, you will have to take care of yourself, etc. etc.” hindi ko na masyadong maalala basta parang ganun ang dating. Fine. Hindi naman ako nagpapa-rescue. Malungkot lang.

Pasensya na. I know everybody’s talking about the new year, or perhaps people have stopped talking about it since the first week’s almost over. But since I’m on holiday and have no sense of time, the new year doesn’t officially begin for me until next Monday when everything will go back to “normal”. So in the mean time, wala munang new year-related posts from me. Actually sa totoo lang, ayoko naman talaga ng mga posts na napapanahon, kasi ‘pag nagbabasa ka ng mga blog ‘eh parang pare-pareho lang ang nababasa mo so nakaka-bore tuloy.


I’m So Late, I Know

I’m entering the J-drama fans scene late, as I’ve only had my own computer for a month (Wow! It’s been a month! (Actually a month and 2 days)). And I don’t really want to watch the new dramas anyway, because waiting for episodes is just 😐 . I mean, it’s really hard for me. I’d much rather do all the waiting now, and then watch it in a marathon a few months from now. I don’t care too much about being updated anyway, since I only really have a few friends I can talk to about this stuff. So yeah, haha I’m really just doing this for me. 😛

Anyway, I think writing a review would also be pretty useless since most of the people have seen the dramas anyway and have formed their opinions about it, so this is really mostly just a reaction.


So after discovering Yamapi on Proposal Daisakusen (Yes, I saw that before I saw this one. See, I told you I’m watching these things late and so not in the order they came out :P), I began mentioning his name like crazy, and whenever I did, people kept recommending this drama to me. And that’s why it’s my first ever torrent-downloaded drama. 🙂 I’m quite proud of myself, honestly. Because the torrent world is so weird, isn’t it? There’s so much stuff you have to know about codec and others. And then the Asian drama torrent world is even weirder, because there are soft-subs and hard-subs issues involved. Anyway, I managed to figure it all out (I think) from reading pages and pages of text -_- so I was able to watch this drama uninterrupted.

And after that somewhat crazy (and useless (I don’t need to justify why I watch dramas! XD Wala lang, gusto ko lang mag-share)) background, here’s what I think:

[BTW, you have to have already seen the drama (or don’t mind knowing spoilers) to read this, because I might mention some spoilers along the way.]

(L-R) Shuji, Akira, Nobuta

The beginning was actually a bit dragging. I didn’t want to admit it at first because the 3 main characters– Shuji (Kamenashi Kazuya), Akira (Yamashita Tomohisa), and Nobuta (Horikita Maki) are all so cool. (Okay, I didn’t really want to use the word “cool”, but there’s no other translation for kakkoi 😥 ) But really, because the first episode is mostly just expository, there isn’t too much story in it, or too many events happening. Although it wasn’t that boring, because I still watched all of it. Besides, the ending line “We didn’t know then that we would eventually come up against the most evil of all.” was enough to keep me interested until the end. 🙂

The series picks up around the middle of Episode 2, when Nobuta goes to school in her own clothes. It’s the first time you’ll see Horikita Maki’s entire face, and the first time the 3 main characters really look like friends. After that, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable drama that you’ll stay up until the wee hours of the morning just to see what happens next.

What I like most about this drama is how it was able to use such a simple theme– friendship, and use it in a not so simple way. Unlike when they tackle friendship in some other shows (Mojacko, for instance. Although in fairness to that anime, it was really made for kids.) and it makes the characters seem corny and too sentimental, in this drama it was really nice how they showed how people can do things for other people and not get too mushy about it. 🙂

The only thing I don’t like were the weird unexplained scenes that didn’t seem all that relevant. I’m talking about the last 2 episodes, because those really have some weird stuff going on. @_@

First, the way they ended the issue with Kasumi (Hiiragi Rumi) was really weird–they all had the same dream wherein she leaps to her death, okay. That can be unexplained. Sometimes weird things like that just happen. But why did there have to be a mark on the ground floor of their school that seemed like a person did jump? They didn’t say whether another student did commit suicide or not. And I think that if it was going to be that open-ended just to make things more mysterious, I think the part where the four of them had similar dreams is mysterious enough.

Secondly, the ending was really bad. I mean, I could forgive Lovers in Paris for its weird ending, since it just sort of suddenly implied that it was all a dream. But for this drama, I think the ending may have ruined the whole thing. What was the point of having Shuji move to a different place if Akira was still going to be there anyway? I’d thought that the internal struggle of Shuji was that although he was so cool on the outside, in reality he didn’t know who he really was. And I’d thought that the point of “producing Nobuta” was for him to know himself better, and eventually find himself, so that he can “become a good adult”. So, having Akira beside with him in the new school wouldn’t accomplish that at all. Plus, having only Akira with him and not Nobuta as well made it even worse.

Okay, if the point was so Nobuta could be more independent, then fine. Shuji having moved was a good way to show that they were really able to help Nobuta come out of her shell and handle herself. But having Akira move to where Shuji was just showed that it was only Nobuta who’s able to handle herself, and the two boys still needed each other to go through life, which is just so wrong. Was Nobuta really the only character that had to develop?

The ending scene where Shuji and Akira are playing at the beach and Akira thinks, “We can live this life together, wherever we are.” is just, well, for me, it just sent Shuji’s character right from the beginning of the drama where he didn’t know anything yet. I mean, yes, it’s good to have your friends with you, but if the point was really that they could still be friends “wherever they are” then wouldn’t it had been better if they just had a mini-reunion or something, instead of having one of them follow the other to the the same school? Not to mention that it’s a bit weird to have just 2 of the main characters at the ending scene. As much as I love Yamapi and Kazuya-san, I don’t think any drama deserves to have a weird ending just for fan service or whatever. Really, it was disappointing.

Oh well, save for that ending, the drama isn’t all that bad. In fact I really really liked it, until that part where Shuji saw Akira in the same classroom in his new school. So, again, I’m going to do a little editing in my head and convince myself that that was just an outtake. The real ending was when Shuji said “The next Kiritani Shuji, no matter what happens, will not fall.

And then he goes into the classroom of his new school, and then the screen fades into white. (While I was watching it, I honestly thought that this was really what was going to happen. I furrowed my eyebrows when the line “Please take your seats.” was said by the teacher, and when Shuji went inside the classroom and introduced himself, I felt that something was really wrong.)

With that new ending in mind, now, I think this drama is really really nice. 😀 Nobuta Powaa!! XD