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42 Kilometers

We interrupt the love quotes posting for this, er… random thought.

Comic convention in UPLB tomorrow. I was thinking of going but then thought about how far it is from my house and then decided to just go to the comic convention this summer in UP Diliman.

And then I realized that UP Diliman is just as far from my house as UPLB.

Not kidding. They’re both around 42 kilometers away, and within walking distance from really good cake — UPLB: Mer-Nel’s, UP Diliman: Chocolate Kiss.

So, yeah… It’s a dilemma. Hehehe!

Completely unrelated: Happy Birthday to my friend Cam who turns 26 today! 🙂

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You know you’re obsessed about cake when…

… you have pictures like these:


Okay, maybe not so much when you have those pictures. But when you receive e-mails like these (and it was forwarded by the aunt of your sister’s boyfriend) …

Message to pass on to Ida, please:

Mernel moved from the South Supermarket outside the IRRI Tabon gate to its own building. If we had driven past the South Supermarket towards Los Banos town for about 100 to 200 metres, we would have seen the Mernel House. It’s a cake sales outlet, has also a sitdown cafe. Worth a try, Ida!

… then you’re really in trouble. Hehehe. 😉