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It’s February!

In case you don’t know me, or haven’t really been reading my blog, then I have to tell you, this is my favorite month of the year. 😀 I will give you the following non-girly reasons like because it’s unique — it’s the only month that has 28 or 29 days, and that my sister’s birthday is in February, and that in the Philippines, it’s kinda cold because of the weather hangover from December, but also hot because of the start of summer, but really, the biggest reason is that it’s the location of my favorite holiday — Valentine’s Day!

Why do I love Valentine’s Day so much? I know people hate it and say it’s useless, but… Look, if there’s a holiday for scary stuff (Halloween), then there should darn well be a holiday for love stuff. And so, to celebrate L-O-V-E, I will start the month with a blog entry of some of my favorite romantic dialogue from some of my favorite TV Couples (those I haven’t featured in the entry like this one from February last year).

Chuck and Sarah
(from Chuck)

“Chuck, I fell for you a long, long time ago. After you fixed my phone and before you started diffusing bombs with viruses.” – Sarah Walker, Chuck VS The Other Guy (Chuck S3E13)

So, aside from that Zachary Levi (Chuck) is too cute for words, I love this show because of Chuck and Sarah’s love story. They’re just so cute together. Plus, it’s a geek gets girl love story! And, you know, that’s always nice.

This particular piece of dialogue, I love the most, because Sarah’s actually referring to what happened to them in the Pilot Episode of the series (!!!). Chuck first met Sarah when she went into the Buy More (where Chuck works as a computer technician) to get her fake phone fixed, and then they went on a date, and towards the end of the episode, they found themselves in a room with a bomb and 30 seconds to live. Chuck, despite not being a super spy like Sarah, has mad knowledge of computer viruses (virii?) and so uses that to diffuse the bomb (not realistic of course, but hey, it’s a TV show!). He saves their lives.

Of course, after this, there will be 2 entire seasons where the two of them never say to each other how they really feel, and the audience never knows if Sarah even likes Chuck, so her admission here that she’s been in love with him since the pilot episode, well, it’s just epic. *dreamy sigh*

Buffy and Angel
(from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

What about me? I love you so much. And I tried to make you go away. I killed you and it didn’t help. And I hate it! I hate that it’s so hard and that you can hurt me so much. I know everything that you did, because you did it to me. I wish that I wished you dead. I don’t. I can’t.– Buffy, Amends (Buffy the Vampire Slayer S3E10)

One the ingenious things in Buffy is how there are statements like these — “I killed you and it didn’t help”, which are kind of funny when taken out of context and if you don’t know the history of the characters, and then they’re used in dramatic scenes.

Amends is the episode where The First Evil appears to Angel and tries to convince him to kill himself because he’d done terrible things in the past when he was a soulless vampire. And Angel nearly does kill himself, going to the top of a hill where the sun would burn him and turn him to dust (because he’s a real vampire). Buffy gets there to stop him, telling him that she loves him despite his sordid history, hence the speech. And then a miracle happens and it snows in Sunnydale, California (the fictitious town where Buffy is set). Because of the blizzard, the sun doesn’t shine, and Angel stays alive. The photo is of him and Buffy walking down mainstreet and for the first time, during morning (well, early morning).

Chuck and Blair
(from Gossip Girl)

Blair: What if we need games? What if without them we’re boring?
Chuck: We can never be boring.
Blair: You say that but, I know you. You’re Chuck Bass.
Chuck: I’m not Chuck Bass, without you.

Chuck and Blair, Reversals of Fortune (Gossip Girl S3E1)

Awwwww! 🙂 I really was hesitant to watch Gossip Girl before because I normally don’t like teen dramas where there are no supernatural elements involved (e.g. I really love Buffy and Roswell (and Smallville — at least, the earlier seasons) but hate Party of Five and Dawson’s Creek) but Chuck and Blair’s will-they-won’t-they was just too cute. And I think me liking them says something because I usually like the Opposites Attract pairings, but Chuck and Blair aren’t like that. They’re so similar you’d think they’d be a boring couple, but like Chuck said, “We can never be boring.”

Also, his line here, “I’m not Chuck Bass, without you.” is particularly sweet because a lot of times in the show, he says the line “I’m Chuck Bass.” as the reason for why he’s so great and why everybody should be intimidated by him, etc. But it’s totally true, that he would be nothing without Blair. They’re just so great together.

[EDIT 2/1/2011] And after watching the latest episode, S4E13 Damien Darko, I think it totally holds up. Chuck’s current storyline — the fight for Bass Industries, and his new affair with the “enemy’s daughter” is just boring. (And Blair is a little out-of-character in her storyline with Dan as well. But I can’t help but be biased and like their story still because I love Dan, too. (or actually, Penn Badgley))

Mal and Inara
(from Firefly)

Inara: You two sound like you’re quite a match.
Mal: Maybe you’re right. Maybe we’re soulmates.
Inara: Yes. Great. I wish you hundreds of fat children.
Mal: Can you imagine that? Me with a passel of critters underfoot? Ten years time I could teach ’em to —
Inara: Can you leave me alone for five minutes, please?

– Mal and Inara, Our Mrs Reynolds (Firefly, Episode 6)

So, Firefly isn’t exactly known for the romances between its characters, and Mal and Inara are actually the pair with the least amount of attention (OK, maybe it’s it’s a toss-up because they at least had the Heart of Gold episode, while there are no Simon-Kaylee centric episodes (Wash and Zoe have War Stories)) and they also never got together (not even in the movie), but how great were their banters, huh?

“It’s what they’re not saying.” A fan said of their relationship and yeah, that’s really what made it great. Without actually saying anything as direct as “I like/love you”, but you see it in the way they interact that they have deeper feelings for each other. The quote I mentioned here is from Our Mrs. Reynolds where Mal “accidentally” marries a girl from a planet they just passed, and Inara just gets so jealous. She couldn’t even stand him talking about possibly having kids with the other girl.

I love it. I love subtle stuff like that. Also, I really like it when characters get jealous because it’s a way of acknowledging their feelings without being direct. They’re way more interesting to watch than the cliche of blatant declarations of love in airports.

So, that’s 4 couples for now. Maybe I’ll write about movie couples in the future. In the mean time, have a happy February everyone! 😀


My Riley

I can feel my skin humming, my hands, my every inch of me.  I’ve never been this excited about anybody before.  I’m not trying to scare you, and I’m not going to force myself on you.  But I’m, by God, not going to walk away because I think it might not work. – Riley Finn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer S4E11 – Doomed

I guess I can blame my starting to watch Buffy on Season 4 for the reason why I love Riley Finn so much. Or maybe it’s because of his lines like that. I think, of all Buffy’s boyfriends, he’s the one who really fell in love with her. I mean, Angel of course was in love but it was more a protective kind of love, or a somewhat guilty kind of love that involved helping save the world. And Spike was in love, too, but it was the ego kind of love, that he mostly loved her because she was the slayer and not just because she was Buffy. So, yeah, although Riley turned out to be overly insecure at the end of their relationship, when they started out, he really fell for Buffy hard, and it was sweet and nice and happy. And, you know, Marc Blucas is very tall.

But I’m not saying the Riley is the best boyfriend for Buffy. Because I just can’t say it. Strangely, despite my occasional belief that there is only one person out there for us, I’m having a hard time choosing who really is “the one” for Buffy, which makes me think that maybe it is possible that there isn’t just one person who’s right for each of us, that there might in fact be several right people. Of course, we shouldn’t have a relationship with all of them all at once, but like, if one relationship ends, then maybe, it’s really possible that another happy one can begin. I mean, Buffy and Angel broke up, and Buffy was happy with Riley. And though they broke up too and Buffy’s subsequent relationship with Spike was pretty dark and not like a real relationship, when Season 7 came ’round, Buffy would say that Spike was in her heart, and me, as an audience, thinks that yeah, it fits, too.

If the whole “teams” (e.g. Team Jacob/Team Edward) had been the “in” thing back when BtVS was still on TV, I think I really wouldn’t have been able to choose whose side I’m on. Angel, Riley, or Spike. In the end they were all wrong for her, but before that, there were a lot of times that they were all really right for her. How is that possible?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer VS Twilight

So I’ve been re-watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer since I think the first time I watched them, I wasn’t able to pay attention to the details. It was after all famous when the Internet didn’t have that much information and Piracy wasn’t as widespread so I watched it the old-fashioned way — once a week on network television. With commercial breaks. Anyway, now that it’s a bit easier to watch (though still not that easy since there are hardly any sites that stream old TV shows), I get to notice more details and understand the story better. Which is why I now ask the question:

Why in the world did Buffy not get as famous as Twilight?!

I mean, what? Are the teens of today just more obsessive than the teens of the time that Buffy was famous?

OK, first, I will tell you about my exposure to vampire literature before you all start to bite my head off and tell me how I don’t know vampire literature. I think the most famous vampire literature are Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the Anne Rice novels? I mean, before the whole Twilight fiasco, yes? So, I only saw the movie for Dracula, the latest one with Winona Ryder, and have never read an Anne Rice book, but I think that’s fine since those are the more serious vampire literature. As for the new ones, which is impossible to know all about because suddenly about a thousand teen vampire stories have materialized in book stores (even Meg Cabot has a vampire book now, which makes me so disappointed in her because I really liked her Mediator series), I won’t talk about them either. This blog entry is about the only two vampire literature that I know — Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight. Oh alright, I’ll throw Harry Potter into the mix as well even though it has nothing to do with vampires but inevitably always gets mentioned whenever Twilight is mentioned (or is it the other way around?).

Because here’s the thing I don’t get: Why do people always compare Harry Potter and Twilight? They even go so far as to compare the characters or the plots when… They’re so different that comparing them is like comparing pizza and ice cream. I guess it’s because their commercial success is comparable, in the sense that they both had people lining up in the bookstore to read the next book in their series, but that’s where their similarity ends. I mean, Twilight is dark fantasy and Harry Potter is just fantasy (albeit it gets darker as the series goes along). And, Twilight is a love story, while Harry Potter is more about a boy’s coming of age (which of course, includes a love story, too, but that’s not its focus unlike in Twilight). So really, to me, what people should be comparing Twilight to is something that it’s more similar to. Something that’s also about love between a vampire and a human girl in high school, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS).

Left: Buffy and Angel at prom, Right: Bella and Edward at prom

I remember when my mom first heard about Twilight and how she said that she didn’t understand why it was so popular when it’s nothing new. So a vampire falls in love with a human girl. “Isn’t that the story of Buffy?” she asked me. “I know, right?!” was my reply. But let’s look further/make more comparisons.

Bella VS Buffy

Apart from having five-letter names that start with B, they’re just completely different.


Bella is particularly bad at sports (or actually most physical activities like dancing, or sometimes even walking), but very smart when it comes to schoolwork, I guess, since she was able to match Edward’s intellect in Biology class (and I will assume that Edward knows the lessons in high school like the back of his hand since he’s apparently graduated from it several times). Meanwhile, Buffy needs tutoring from Willow just to pass her History test. But, she is very athletic. Even when she wasn’t a slayer yet — she was a cheerleader in her old high school, right (And yes, cheerleading is a sport now, so cheerleaders are athletes. What? You don’t watch Hellcats?)? So, I guess they get equal marks.

Bella is brainy but uncoordinated. Buffy is athletic, but not very academic.


“A slayer with family and friends. That sure as hell wasn’t in the brochure.” – Spike, School Hard (S2E3)

So, I’m not saying that Bella doesn’t care about her family and friends. But you know, she never really took the time to get to know her classmates in Forks. And the way she described them was like she was always annoyed by them or that she thought they were shallow. Granted, they pretty “shallow”, only caring about the prom or who’s got a crush on who, but can you really blame them? I mean, they were in high school. That’s what they’re supposed to care about. And, as for her parents, I’ve always been sort of disappointed with how Bella treats her dad. I mean, there he was, being all nice to her and all she wants to do is spend time with Edward. Maybe it’s just me but I think if she cared about them more, she really wouldn’t have been so willing to become a vampire. And OK, so maybe the Cullens were her real family and friends in the story, I mean, they’re the ones whom she liked spending time with and really talked to, but… I never got the sense that she ever worried about their well-being.

Meanwhile, Buffy hardly thinks of anything else but the well-being of her family and friends. Of course, because she’s the slayer, she’s actually required to care about them. But I noticed that even on her most selfish moments, even when all she wanted to do was be with her boyfriend, she never forgot about the people around her, friends or not. I mean, she killed Angel to save her friends (and the world, of course). And he was the person she loved the most. That’s totally the ultimate proof that she cared about her family and friends. And though she also cared about the prom and all that high school stuff, because it’s always clear that her duty as a slayer comes first, you can’t say at all that she’s shallow like Bella’s classmates supposedly are.

Point to Buffy then.

Edward VS Angel


Edward is about a hundred years old. Angel is at least two hundred and forty one.

Personally, I don’t think that it’s pedophilia when these vampires fall for high school girls because one, maturity is relative, and two, I think when you become a vampire, even mentally, you kind of get stuck in the age when you died, hence Edward will always think like a 17-year-old (albeit a very wise one because he’s been 17 for a while), and Angel a 26-year-old, which I guess makes Angel “10 years older” than Buffy because he met her when she was 16, but she’s the slayer, and so was really not like any normal teenager (like Bella is). Still, points for not being a cradle snatcher, I guess? So Edward wins this round.

Good VS Evil

Edward was trained to be a “vegetarian” vampire, while Angel was cursed to have his soul. They’re both dangerous in the sense that if Edward loses control, he will for sure want Bella’s blood (its his own personal brand of heroin, don’t ‘ya know?), and if Angel becomes too happy, he loses his soul and returns to being a sadistic monster. I guess, points go to Edward because he learned to control/suppress the evilness of vampire inside him, while Angel is just good when he’s got his soul, and when he doesn’t he can’t really be accountable for being evil.

Then again, this really shows the difference in the two universes. Because in Twilight, vampires, despite not having souls can be good, while in BtVS once a person becomes a vampire (a default vampire–without a soul), then he/she is stripped of a conscience. As Giles put it, “You’re not looking at your friend. You’re looking at the thing that killed him.” (The Harvest, S1E2)

But… when Spike got a chip in his head that made him unable to harm humans, he did sort of fight on the good side. Except, that was mostly because he really just wanted to fight and since he could only hurt bad guys then he may as well fight with the good guys. Great. Now I’m really confused. You know what, let’s give points to both Edward and Angel since this is a technicality of their universes that I cannot comprehend.


Both of them left Bella and Buffy at one point. The difference is that Angel stayed gone, and Edward came back. But their reasons for leaving were mostly the same. Or, no wait, they weren’t. Angel left because Buffy couldn’t ever have everything that she can with him around (“You deserve someone who can take you into the light.” – Angel, Prom, S3E20), while Edward left because Bella would be too much in danger if he was around. So… Angel left Buffy so she could have the best, Edward left Bella to protect her. This is a tough one… But I think the selfless award would have to go to Angel.

I mean, the whole reason why the love story of Buffy and Angel was so poignant was because you always knew from the beginning that they were doomed. I mean, that even if Angel had a soul, it would always be an issue that he was a vampire, and that Buffy wasn’t. In Twilight, this issue was “solved” turning Bella into a vampire. So, Edward only turned her into a vampire because the alternative was for her to die, and so maybe his actions are justified. Except, in BtVS, Buffy would totally sacrifice her life rather than become a vampire. Because in the universe of BtVS, they addressed the issue of Accept Inevitable Death VS Continue “Life” as a Vampire in Lie to Me (S2E7) — Buffy’s friend Ford (Jason Behr FTW!) had a brain tumor and 6-months left in his life and so he wanted to become a vampire so he would “die young, and stay pretty”. But Buffy explains, “That’s not how it works. You die, and a demon sets up shop in your old house, and it walks, and it talks, and it remembers your life, but it’s not you.”

So, again with the difference in universes!

I guess here’s my issue about Twilight (you know, other than my other many issues with it): The “vampire” stuff in it are so non-committal. Edward is a vampire, except he’s a good person and can control his bloodlust. Bella becomes a vampire, but she’s basically the same person she was when she was human, except that she’s stronger. Somewhere in their story, there are “vampires” who are evil, but it’s never actually them, and the story finds every way possible to make them tame, and to make the readers fall in love with vampires. Edward always says that he’s dangerous, but you never actually see him like that, so how are you to believe it? Angel, on the other hand, even before he turned evil in Season 2, you’d get glimpses of how horrific he was before he got a soul, like when he told the story of how it was he who made Drusilla crazy.

Lastly, Forks VS Sunnydale.

I don’t know, the people in both towns seem pretty dim for not noticing that vampires are about. The people in Sunnydale are weird because they still choose to live in Sunnydale despite it being a hellmouth (surely they must have noticed, what with the high mortality rate) but the people in Forks are equally weird for not knowing that the Cullens are vampires because it’s just not believable that they’ve lived there for as long as they have and that Bella is the first one to get curious about them. So I guess it’s a tie between these two towns.


Bella – 1; Buffy – 2
Edward – 2; Angel – 2
Forks – 1; Sunnydale – 1

Twilight – 4; Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 5

Buffy wins! Not that it’s a surprise. This is my blog and I’m obviously very biased, but come on! Can’t Joss Whedon get as much love as Stephenie Meyer? Why did this whole vampire craze only start when Twilight came about? Where did BtVS go wrong?

P.S. David Boreanaz > Robert Pattinson any day!

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Stop… Just Stop

What have I learned from this life (admittedly, it’s still very short)?


And I mean, anything.

Because the things you care for will just always always always always (times a thousand times) disappoint you, nay, break your heart.

I actually want to write this whole entry using ALL CAPS, but that would make me a hater, if I’m not already.

Why am I so apathetic about the news, even when I know it’s important to find out what’s going on in the country? Because the news here, is always bad. It’s always depressing and it makes me so angry. So, I just don’t think about it. If I think about it too much, I might get to the point that I would want to hang myself. To escape all this reality, I comfort myself with the “entertainment” on TV. And I think, “Wow this is great! I don’t stress myself out and I feel good because TV programs and movies make me laugh!” But it’s a double-edged sword you see, because caring about TV programs, or anything, really, will make you feel strong emotions that will eventually make you angry and stressed out, like the news.

Apparently, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going to get a reboot. But Joss Whedon, the original creator of Buffy will not be involved. Instead, some young, arrogant “writer” named whats-her-face (I don’t remember her name. I don’t want to remember stupid people’s names.) who pitched an idea to some producers will be the one working on it. Now, what have we learned from Firefly? That some producers are just stupid. So if some producers think that you have a good idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you do. Because some producers just can’t tell what a good idea is, even if it was very shiny.

Now I know it’s a stupid Hollywood thing that’s all for “entertainment” and you’re not supposed to care so much, but…

WHAT THE F***?!?!?

In the hopes of not stressing myself out, I made myself care about the mundane things like TV programs and movies. But even they hurt me, too. So now, I’m just clinging to my last shred of hope: Batman and Robin, the worst Batman movie ever (the one with George Clooney–don’t deny it, we all know this is true) was eventually buried deep under Hollywood trash and forgotten. After several great movies, George Clooney now enjoys a fine time in Hollywood, free of his “worst Batman ever” image. So maybe, this “new” Buffy movie will quickly die and be forgotten, too. Like Batman and Robin. It could happen, right?

More information about this news here: