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Itte rasshai,” he said, right after we kissed.

Itte kimasu,” I replied automatically.

A usual exercise in my Japanese for Beginners class was that the teacher would say a phrase or expression and all the students would give the response in unison.

Arigatou gozaimasu,’ she’d say. ‘Dou itashimashite,’ we’d respond. ‘Tadaima,’ she’d say next. ‘Okaeri nasai,’ we’d answer. These expressions were common and therefore useful to memorize, she told us. And then she told us about the situations wherein they were used. ‘Itte rasshai’ and ‘Itte kimasu‘ were said whenever someone left the house to go to school or work, she explained.

But R said it to me in front of the turnstile at the train station, just before I went past it to catch the Shinkansen to Tokyo.

I gave the expected reply without thinking, and smiled and waved goodbye before turning the corner to get to the platform and disappearing from his sight. I did notice him taking a deep breath after I said it, as though it was something more than a language nuance. But at the time I didn’t think it was important. At the time, I was mostly thinking about catching my train.

When I finally had some time free, I realized I didn’t even know what the phrases actually meant. I knew they were used together, but what did they translate to? I looked them up and somewhere on the Internet I found they were interpreted like this:

Itte rasshai – You’re leaving now, but please come back.
Itte kimasu – I have to go, but don’t worry because I’ll come back.

I’ve previously read about one’s significant other feeling like one’s home. I think that’s already romantic without context, but being in a long distance relationship now, it feels more relevant to me somehow. We have places we need to go and things we need to do, but at the end of the day, we come back to the person who feels like home.

Itte kimasu, Ryuichi. I love you.



Ang Wallpaper ng Walang Boyfriend

I suppose I should be updating this blog with a lot more than this, on account of my sister being here the past week and that I’m not actually an artist and all that, but when I think about it, who really cares about what happened with my sister’s visit? And who in the world wide web who isn’t my family, would be interested in my cousin’s new baby and all that stuff? My friends who are interested, I would rather tell the stories in person, or over YM. And so to avoid writing a long blog post about recent events, which not a lot of people will want to read anyway, I’m posting this instead. But it comes with an anecdote, too, so I guess that still makes me talkative as ever.

So I noticed that on Z’s laptop (It’s an ASUS Eee PC.), the wallpaper of the desktop was a picture of her and her boyfriend. I said, “Yuck, is that seriously your wallpaper?”

Oh wait, I guess I should tell you first that Z and her boyfriend aren’t really the mushy lovey-dovey couple. So I found it weird that her computer’s wallpaper was a picture of the two of them together.

“So what?” she countered, and we just laughed.

Later on, when I turned my computer on, I remembered that ever since I got it, I never really changed the wallpaper into something other than one of the default wallpapers that the operating system (Windows XP) had, except that time that I was really obsessed about The Big Bang Theory and so I changed the wallpaper into something related to that, but I changed it back to another default image just a few weeks later.

My current wallpaper then was this:


“Ako tignan mo wallpaper ko,” I said to Z and showed her my computer monitor. “Default. Ang wallpaper ng walang boyfriend.”

We both laughed. And that is what inspired me to make this:

Windows Default Wallpapers: Ang Wallpaper ng Walang Boyfriend
Windows Default Wallpapers: Ang Wallpaper ng Walang Boyfriend

Disclaimer: Images belong to Microsoft and I’m not making any money from this.

Download n’yo na lang kung gusto n’yo at applicable din sa inyo! Hehehe! 😉 (Click on the image to download.)

BTW, I’m not a real artist, so isa lang ang size nito, and kayo na lang mag-resize and stuff. Sorry naman, hindi talaga ako marunong gumawa nito, trip ko lang ngayon. And yeah, this is my desktop’s wallpaper now. Hehe.