0915 746 2580


I’m publishing this phone number because it’s now useless. This was my best friend’s cellphone number, and I say “was” because his phone got stolen today. And guess what? I got to talk to the person who stole it.

So I sent a text message to E asking if he was busy. He replied with, “nasa byahe aqoh” which I guess should’ve been a dead giveaway, because I’ve never encountered anyone who’s used “aqoh” before, much less a close friend, so I really should’ve stopped communication then and there, but silly little me thought that maybe E was just occupied at the time and asked someone else (maybe his brother) to text for him (because that’s actually happened before). So I asked him if he was free to have dinner with me and my officemates tomorrow night. And he replied with, “okei, wat tym?”


See, here’s the thing about E. He’s so against planning and scheduling that he hardly ever agrees to invites right away. It actually takes a lot of skill (and manipulation) to get him to┬áagree to go to something, so I was expecting him to answer with┬ásomething vague like, “tignan ko muna sched ko”.┬áSaying yes to an invitation to dinner for the next day was really unlike him, so I knew something was up.

I decided to call, expecting to talk to his brother, and then just ask him to relay the message, but what greeted me was an unfamiliar voice. Still, I asked if I could talk to E and the person on the other line said, “Wala siya ‘eh.”

Puzzled, I finally asked, “Sino ‘to?”

There was no reply.

“Kaninong phone ang gamit mo?” I asked again.

And then┬áhe┬ásaid, “Ewan ko.”

I hung up right away, and then felt a little pissed (and scared).

I called E’s friend and asked if┬áanything had happened and he confirmed that E did lose his phone earlier in a jeepney.

More than because of┬áthe fact that a friend’s phone got stolen (because we know that happens everyday, and his phone is a very old model, which has a worn keypad and faulty battery,┬á so I doubt if┬áthe thief┬ácan sell it for more than P500), I’m upset because I feel so violated. There I was, texting somebody whom I thought was my friend, but┬áturns out to be a complete stranger, and a bad person at that (I’m quite sure he’s a bad person because if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be stealing phones, or talking to the people who call the phone that he’s stolen). I guess it’s my fault because I didn’t catch on right away, but I really wish that robbers had at least the decency not to make fools out of the friends of the people they stole things from. I mean, nagnakaw na nga sila, manggag*go pa sila! Wala naman akong ginawa sa kanila ‘ah! ­čśí

I know. This rant falls on deaf ears because the world never listens to what we say. “Hindi obligasyon ng mundo na protektahan ka!” Or so John Lloyd Cruz’ character says in All About Love (2006).


You robber you, enjoy my best friend’s phone with P40 load. I know you’ll get yours in the after life. And same goes to you robber who broke my window last week and stole my camera. Enjoy looking at the pictures of my happy memories, which you’ll never experience.

You’re the weak one. And you’ll never know love. Or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.” – Harry Potter to Voldemort, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)