In lieu of living an interesting life

I watch TV.

So, you can just imagine how ecstatic I was when we finally got Netflix. I know, I know, we’re so late to the game. But better late than never, right? And, I did get disappointed when I found out that it doesn’t actually have all the TV shows and movies known to man, but after a few days, I learned to appreciate the value of seeing TV shows I never would’ve known about otherwise.

So. Now I’m watching Merlin AKA The Adventures of Merlin, which when my mom saw me watching, she asked who the characters were and when I told her their names, she said, “They’re so young!” and I had to tell her, “Yes, this is a show for teenage girls.”

But is it really a surprise to anyone that I like this show? Mind you, I binge-watched Reign that time that I got sick and wasn’t able to go to work for a few days. Not that I’m wishing I get sick now, but I do wish I had some consecutive days that I don’t need to go to work so I can watch Merlin nonstop. I’m only on Season 1 (No spoilers, please!) but I know that there are 5 seasons so I’ve still a long way to go.

And I know, I never got around to watching up to the latest episodes of Reign and Riverdale (and Suits and Gossip Girl and countless others) so I really don’t have any business starting a new series, but what can I say? The lure of magic is strong. (And the good-looking versions of Merlin, King Arthur and Lancelot, too.)

Why yes, this entry is really just to tell you that I’m watching Merlin. Sorry if you thought that there was more to it. But this is really the most blog-worthy event in my life right now.

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