Finally, R’s vacation leave was approved and he was able to come back to the Philippines for 5 days! In case you don’t remember, R left the PH last December 2015 as he had to go back to his home country of Japan. Anyway, this is his first time back in a year and a half, and though it was short, it was lots and lots of fun!

I could go on and on about how fun it was, but I think photos tell a better story (on the Internet, anyway), so voilà!


At The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (ATC Branch) – Actually, he arrived last Thursday, but it was late at night so effectively, he got here last Friday and we did go to Draft (Molito Branch) that night to meet a few of his friends, but I unfortunately, forgot to take pictures of that, so this is my first picture of his visit. We went to ATC on Saturday afternoon to get his money exchanged and buy a present for his friend’s kids. Since we finished early, we had a bit of time before we had to go to his friend’s house so we chose to spend the time at a coffee shop. He actually wanted to eat crepes and I had to apologize for the lack of it at the mall. I was disappointed, too. 😦 Not to mention, that that lemon pistachio cake we got at CBTL was also disappointing. But, oh well, we enjoyed our drinks, anyway. 🙂


Saturday Night Videoke – After going to his friend’s house and swinging by TAS Roofdeck a bit (for free beer!), we went to this super amazing bar/videoke/billiards place near the office of one of his friends. This is my first time to meet everyone in his college barkada (I mean, I already met most of them last year but only virtually), and I have to say, they are super duper nice. They didn’t give me a hard time at all fitting in, even though they’ve all known each other for a really long time. Everyone talked to me and made me feel as though I’d always been a part of their group. 🙂 They even asked me to still hangout with them, even on the days when R isn’t here. Isn’t that sweet?


All-Nighter at My House – Keeping with the “tradition” of our friendship, the Sunday night dinner we had with our friends and former co-workers at my place turned into an all-nighter with these two girls, M and C not leaving until at least 4 a.m. the next day. There is a picture that was taken earlier that night and it has more people in it, but I kind of wanted to highlight this one as it shows the change that after everyone had left, it was no longer just me, M and C who had a kind of debriefing about what just happened, but R as well. Because we’re together! 😛 But seriously, I had lots of fun this night, catching up with people we hadn’t seen for a long time and spending time with new friends M2 and D, who brought their cute son along with them.


Anniversary Dinner at The Black Pig – Happy 1st Anniversary to us! If you’ve been wondering how long we’ve been together (I have a question: Why? Haha!), here it is! It’s been a year! 😀 To celebrate, we had dinner at this restaurant at the Commercenter in Alabang. R wanted to eat steak and though I guess their specialty is actually pork (Iberico Ham!), their beef dishes weren’t bad either. R had the US Angus Choice Striploin and I had the Prime Angus Short Ribs. We enjoyed both dishes as well as the wine and cocktail we ordered. 🙂

Also, look at R in his かっこいい blue shirt. He’s not really the type to dress up, so it was such a kilig moment when I saw that he’d prepared an outfit for our anniversary dinner. ❤ I sincerely wish I wore a better dress as I think the one I’m wearing is more appropriate for a brunch date, but a dress is a dress is a dress, isn’t it? Also, he did say that I looked nice in it, so I guess that means it’s fine. 😀

And one last one:


Photo taken outside the bar/billiards/videoke place because I thought the lighting was nice and bright, except it turned out to be too bright so I had to turn this into a black & white photo. Strange lighting aside, I really like our smiles here. 🙂

Until next time, which hopefully won’t take too long.



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