So many things can be attributed to Fate when it comes to you and me.

If I hadn’t been on a holiday from work, I wouldn’t have gone to that bar in the first place.
If that guy hadn’t bought my friend a drink, I wouldn’t have stayed long enough to see you come in.
If my friend hadn’t asked me to translate the menu, I never would’ve known we both had a passion for food and languages.
If we hadn’t gone out of the restrooms at the same time, we wouldn’t have walked back to the bar together.
If there had been more beer left, we wouldn’t have shared the last bottle.
If there had been any seats left, we wouldn’t have sat next to each other on the steps outside, looking out onto the dark, empty street, comparing it to our dark, empty lives.
If your workplace hadn’t been so close to where I lived, I never would’ve invited you over for dinner.
If you hadn’t liked wine as much as I did, we wouldn’t have finished that bottle.
If we both hadn’t been recently heartbroken, we wouldn’t have revealed such intimate details about ourselves to each other.
If you hadn’t smiled as you looked into my eyes, I would have never fallen in love with you.
If you hadn’t still loved her and gotten back together with her, I wouldn’t have become so devoid of joy or hope or life.
If Fate hadn’t intervened with our lives so much, perhaps this love wouldn’t have been so fatal.


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