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My lolo died today.

He was my favorite lolo, as he was the only one I have ever known. (My dad’s dad died before I was born.) He was also the person who taught me how to play the piano.

The ability to play the piano didn’t stick, unfortunately. But I would say I learned a lot from him about teaching. He was always calm and encouraging even when I didn’t do what he asked. And he found many different ways to keep our lessons interesting, adding an upbeat part to a piece that he noticed made me sleepy, or telling me funny stories in between scales exercises.

I knew there were times that he was disappointed in me because I didn’t practice as often as he told me to, but he never got angry and just kept on telling me to practice, practice, practice.

I’m sorry, Lolo. I didn’t turn out to be the amazing piano player you were training me to be. But I think I got all my patience as a teacher from you. I’m going to miss you so much.


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