Hello, 2016!

We’re almost halfway into January! Time moves ever so fast. I didn’t even get to write a 2015 summary entry, not that this is something I’m able to do every year. But anyways, hello, 2016!

Last year, I was only able to finish reading 2 books. And one of those books, I read mostly in 2014 and finished reading in January 2015. So really, I only finished reading one book. I guess it’s better than zero, but I really, really want to finish reading more books. I’ll set my reading goal at 10 this year, so I won’t be pressured into reading one book a month. I probably won’t finish 10 books, but you never know.

Other than reading books, there are lots more that I’m thinking will happen this year. Mostly because so many changes happened last year. For starters (and most importantly), I am now legit for realzzz an aunt as my sister gave birth to two cutie cutie twin boys last year. 😀 And one of my best friends is now married, as I mentioned in the previous blog entry. Also, my closest friends in the office have quit their jobs and are now working elsewhere, so that changes a lot to my everyday routine. Or, maybe not routine, but everyday… psychology? I don’t know what I’m talking about.

The point is, it’s 2016 and I’m starting with Adverbs by Daniel Handler. Hopefully in December, I’ll be telling you the title of the book I’m currently reading and it will no longer be Adverbs by Daniel Handler.

Happy New Year, everyone! 😀


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