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さよなら と がんばって

R is leaving. The Philippines! Forever!

Okay. Forever is a strong word. I’m sure he’ll come back some time in the future. But, it will only be for a visit. Maybe a long visit. Like 30 days, since that’s how long he can stay here without having to file extra paperwork, being a Japanese citizen. Of course, there’s always Skype and Facebook and whatever other new thing for communication that technology comes up with. And Japan is only a 4-hour plane ride (but of course, money matters) away. But one thing’s for certain: We will no longer see him every weekday at work. And for us, I think that’s a huge change. I mean, he gets awards for having perfect attendance and zero tardies that’s how reliable he is when it comes to being present. What are we going to do without him now?

But before all that drama, of course, a さよならパーティー! At my house. Because where else? And it’s only apt since it’s usually where we hang out and before R leaves we want him to feel all the nostalgia he can manage.

It wasn’t such a fancy party this time. We didn’t have time to prepare–we only found out he was leaving last Monday (Dec 7) and the farewell party was last Friday (Dec 11) and I didn’t even get there until 2:20 a.m. on Saturday (Dec 12) because I had work until 1:45 a.m. So we just had beer, a bottle of wine (a bad one, I was told), some roast chicken and liempo and Nagaraya and chicharon and brazo de mercedes. Very normal, very low-key, which I think is how R wanted it. Though unfortunately, because of the short notice, not a lot of people were able to make it. Still, I think we had a lot of fun, which of course is the point, and we took some photos! Which, of course, is the point of this blog entry.

In betwixt M and I, R poses with our farewell gift. (It’s a fleece blankie!)
Somehow, we couldn’t get at least one shot with everyone looking good.

The blog title means “Good luck and Goodbye” in Japanese, by the way. Because R is Japanese. And we wish him the best of luck, even though we’re really, really, really, really, really, really, really sad that he’s leaving.


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