Today I met up with my friend J for lunch and yummyummy dessert at BF Parañaque because a) I love the South; and b) We needed to meet so she could give me my bridesmaid dress for when our best friend gets married next month.

We had lunch at Blé, a Greek restaurant, and desserts at Bucky’s Counter. In between meals, we went to nail spas around the area to inquire about their sparty packages as we’re also planning our friend’s bridal shower. We also gave each other updates on our lives, as so many things have happened to us since last we saw each other. I’d been to New Zealand, she’d finally collected her last check from the place where she previously worked.

I guess we just talked about everyday things, but I was really happy to see her again. I’m always happy to meet up with friends and eat at places I’ve never been. 🙂

I suppose I should be writing about my experiences in New Zealand and what it’s like to be an aunt. But for some reason, I’d like to save those stories for when I’m talking to people personally. So instead of posting pictures of my sister’s cute twin boys, I’ll just post a picture of me, my friend J, and our non-brownie desserts a la mode. (Mine came with an espresso shot because #affogato.)

Happy Mid-November and last month and a half of 2015!



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