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Technically, it’s August 31. But if SM can play Christmas songs on their PA system a day before September, then so can I! Except instead of playing Christmas songs on a PA system, I’m declaring that my birth month has begun and now it’s time for my annual posting of my Birthday Wish List! Hooray! 😀

For my birthday this year, I hope my beautiful and amazing friends and family will give me some (or all (because epal ako)) of the following:

  • Snoe Products! – Any product! Except for the lip sugar polish as I already have this. Oh, and if you’re planning on giving me any of the powders/tinted moisturizers, please get the Warm Honey tone! 😀
  • Desigual Accessories! – I thought I would think it passé as soon as it was already available in the Philippines, but no. I still love this brand! I’ll appreciate anything from it. 🙂
  • National Book Store GC! – Because bookstores and office/school supply stores are my Disneyland
  • At ang walang kamatayang handkerchiefs – I can never stop losing them, but I will never stop using them! (Parang boys!* 😉 )

I’ve a short list for this year because it’s not a cheap list. Hehehe. Well, maybe the last 2 items don’t require much funds, but the first two kind of do. Bright side? You can share! I don’t mind if I get one expensive gift that’s from two or three people who pooled their budget. You see? I care about my community! 😀

Happy September!!!

* SUPER JOKE LANG. If anything, it’s the other way around. 😥


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