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“Don’t settle,” they said.

And by “they” I really mean “everyone.” If I had a nickel for every time someone said to someone that he/she shouldn’t settle on a relationship that they think “isn’t good enough,” I think I would be a rich person.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in this philosophy. It makes total sense. Who wouldn’t want the best? Given that we’re insatiable as a species, it’s already difficult for us to be content with someone we really like. So imagine how much harder it would be if we forced ourselves to settle on someone we only kind of like.

So don’t settle. Keep on looking for “the one” that’s best for you. There are 7 billion (?) people in the world, it’s highly likely that there’s someone out there who’s everything you’re looking for and more. So don’t settle on the first guy/girl you meet who shows an interest in you. Set your standards as high as you like, be very discerning or even discriminating when picking a partner. Look for someone who exceeds even your wildest dreams.

And then hope against hope and everything else you believe in, that they settle for you.


1 thought on “Settling”

  1. a friend told me… while there may not be a perfect partner, you will know that he/she is the one if wala daw kayo major issue on being together. aruy!

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