Bring Back the 90’s!

Dear Everybody,

I feel like now is the right time time to tell you of my obsession with Franklin & Bash.

In this article, it says that this show is a pop culture joke punch line. Now, don’t get me wrong. I actually agree with the article point per point, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the show. It is really strange, this show. It starts Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer, both of whom played such “iconic” roles in the 90’s that in some ways, it feels like this strange Saved by the Bell-Clueless crossover, which isn’t that strange really since they were set at around the same time (right smack in the middle of the 90’s, or okay, SBTB was slightly earlier), and were set in the same place, California. And Franklin & Bash is also set in California.

If they weren’t called Franklin & Bash, there is nothing stopping me from believing that Travis Birkenstock eventually cleaned up his act and went to law school (He’s good at making speeches, isn’t he?), and met Zack Morris there (He did get a 1502 on his SATs), and they became friends. They’re both kind of troublemakers, after all.

Perhaps that is why I like the show so much. I mean, yes, it’s cliche, yes, they don’t actually really do anything new, I mean, at best, it’s “one of those lawyer shows” and I have to admit that if they’d cast unknowns, I probably couldn’t care less about it. I mean, I like Angie Harmon when she guest stars in Chuck and… Agent Cody Banks. But the generic and trying-too-hard Rizzoli & Isles just puts me to sleep. But I think that is the genius of the thing. Putting two 90’s “icons” together and having fun with them. And, I’m not saying this to be disrespectful, but I think Jonathan Brandis would’ve made a fine addition to this cast. Not that I don’t like Anthony Ordonez, but if Jonathan Brandis had that role, this series would’ve been every 90’s fangirl dream come true.

So. Franklin & Bash. It’s on its 4th season now so you know I’m not the only 90’s fangirl out there.

Zack and Travis, all grown up
Zack and Travis grew up and became friends!

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