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Welcome, September!

It’s September!

To me, that means one thing: BIRTHDAY! 😀 😀 😀

Not just mine, of course. It’s also the birth month of 2 of my cousins and lots and lots of my friends. But! As this is my blog, please forgive that I’m going to put my wish list here. 🙂

For my birthday this year, I hope to receive more of the usual stuff I ask for:

  • Handkerchiefs – Seriously! I always lose my handkerchiefs so I can never have enough of these!
  • Pretty notebooks – Because I just write and write and write. Despite having blogs. And friends. 😛
  • Mer-Nel’s Chocolate Cake – Because this is the best cake ever!
  • Big hairbrush – Because you know, I’m a girl.
  • Gift certificates – Because it’s like you’re giving cash, but not.
  • Japan Home Centre/Daiso Umbrella – ‘Yung cute ha! ^^’
  • Shampoo – Because para makatipid na rin ako with my monthly expenses hehehe!
  • Any product from Snoe (except for Let it B with WasaB cream) – for powder foundations, make sure to get Warm Honey!
  • Cologne / Perfume – any kind/scent but preferably NOT vanilla-scented (or anything that smells too sweet)

And if you have a “big” budget (because you love me!), you may give me one/some of these:

  • Waterproof backpack – Naka-sale ‘yung backpacks sa Converse! 😉
  • Handcarry luggage
  • Any Desigual accessory
  • Sports watch

That’s it so far! Hope this list helps you all. And hope you all give me gifts. Sige na! Once a year lang! Though if you’re giving me gifts for Christmas, you can refer to this list, too. 😉 Yay!


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