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Girls’ Day Out Again

It was X’s birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday X! 😀

To celebrate her birthday, we decided to go to Ace Water Spa in Pasig.  We’d planned it months in advance so I was able to take a day off from work. Strangely, even though we went there in the middle of the day on a normal weekday, there were still quite a lot of people in the spa. The number of people was almost the same as when I first went there, which was on a Saturday. I guess they’re busy all week long. But it’s fine. There were enough lockers, showers and dressing rooms to accommodate the many guests, so I’m not complaining.

It’s prohibited to take any pictures inside the spa (understandably, as everyone’s in swimsuits (which is basically intimate apparel) and it’s not a beach/resort (and honestly, you wouldn’t want to take photos anyway haha) as you’re supposed to just relax and enjoy the massage and herbal pools, so we didn’t take any. But you can see a bunch of pictures at their website: Ace Water Spa

Anyway, we were there from around 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. We could’ve stayed longer if we wanted, our Metrodeal vouchers allowed us 4-hours use of the spa, but we decided to leave after 3 hours because we were already hungry. 😛

I had to look at the map when we were on our way to the spa. We are both from the South so Pasig is a strange land to us. Anyway, that’s how I discovered its proximity to some of the many interesting places to eat at in Kapitolyo. I was just there a weekend ago with my former officemates for a Food Workshop 😉 wherein we ate at Egg-it and Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina. This time, X and I decided to go to Milky & Sunny.

It’s a really cute, kind of artsy little restaurant with turquoise walls and if we weren’t so hungry we’d probably have taken more pictures. Anyway, they serve breakfast all day, so we ordered two of their breakfast specialties: Strawberry Cream Cheese Pancakes and the Big Breakfast (corned beef, sausage, bacon, (scrambled) egg, bagel, hash brown). For drinks, X had the Moroccan mint tea and I ordered the chocolate milk shake.

I have nothing but praises for everything we ordered, except for the chocolate milk shake. It’s too sweet for me. But no matter, there are many other drinks to choose from, so it’s not a reason for me not to return. 🙂


An even more likely reason for me not to return is the distance, really. It takes at least an hour and a half for me to get there, and there are many other all-day breakfast places I can go to in between. But I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t live as far away from it as I do. 🙂


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