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Summer with Friends

Labor day holiday! It was one of those rare moments when my friends and I all had holidays from work, and it happened to coincide with the homecoming of one of our friends who’s been based in Singapore for a while. And it’s the middle of summer! It was only natural for us to go to the beach. This year, we decided to go to two islands in Quezon: Puting Buhangin and Borawan Island.


Traditionally, people would also go to Dampalitan Island, but we decided that we liked staying in one place better and we used the time we gained by going on a side trip to Lucban where we bought yema cake and other pasalubong.

We left the city via a hired van early in the morning of April 30 (before 4 a.m.) and arrived at Padre Burgos, which is where you take the boat to the islands, around 8 a.m. After a quick stop at the market to buy our food, we got on the boat and it took us to Borawan island where we set up our tents and left some of our stuff. We got on the boat again right away to go to Puting Buhangin island. We got there around 9:30 a.m. It’s one of the most beautiful islands I’ve been to, seriously. Blue and green clear waters, not-so-rough white sand, and wonderful wonderful sea breeze. 🙂 I really liked the time we spent there and wish we could’ve stayed there for a longer time. But alas, we left all our food at our campsite in Borawan so we had to go back once it was lunchtime. But I’m glad we were able to spend a good two hours there. 🙂

My friends, swimming at Puting Buhangin Island

Back at Borawan, my friends started setting up the things we needed for lunch (charcoal, grill, etc.) and I told our boatman to pick us up at 9 a.m. the next day to go to Dampalitan island. He said okay and left, and that meant that we would now have to spend the night there. Though that’s actually what we were meaning to do.

We had pork chop and alimasag for lunch c/o my friend K, and they were delicious. K is a really really good cook. He likes to joke about how we only include him in summer outings so we’d have someone to cook for us. I’m neither going to confirm nor deny that. 😛

We set up camp near the end of the island and as soon as the people who went there on a day trip left in the afternoon, there was hardly anyone around. By the time we were eating lunch, we had the beach all to ourselves. It was amazing.

Borawan Island, all to ourselves

I read somewhere on the Internet that there are many activities to do in this island. There’s a volleyball court and there are some kayaks that you can rent. You can even climb the rocks and get to the top where you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view. But my friends and I not being the most active people in the world, were content to just swim in the beach and sit around telling each other stories.

For dinner we had leftover pork chop and adobo. And beer. And a drinking game. A drinking game that halfway through we already knew would render us all useless in the morning, so I texted our boatman around 8 p.m. to pick us up at 10:30 in the morning instead of 9:00. Because we figured we would no longer have the energy to go to Dampalitan island.

We were right. The last of us to sleep slept around 2:30 a.m. (It was me, in case you’re wondering.) and when everyone was awake the next day, none of us felt like moving too much. 😛 Well. I have no regrets. Anyway, even though I was the last to go to sleep, I woke up earlier than everyone else so I walked around the island for a bit and was able to catch the sunrise. It was prettttyyy.


The night sky was pretty, too. After “lights out” (around midnight), it was a small feat to see some shooting stars. And the water, I think it had a version of those bioluminescent planktons at Maldives because there were shiny shimmery twinkly dots whenever we touched it or waded in it that night. It actually felt kind of magical.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any pictures of this because not only do I not have a really good camera, my mobile phone’s battery was almost completely gone by 9 p.m. The island has limited power, so there was no way to charge our phones, which is kind of bad but I guess kind of good, too. We all know the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

The next day, we had breakfast (eggs and leftover adobo c/o B, why yes, we have a different cook for breakfast food 😉 ) and started packing up. The boatman arrived at 9 a.m. anyway, but said it was alright for him to wait for us. We left the island around 10:30 a.m. with the following happy memories:


See you all on the next adventure! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Summer with Friends”

  1. “But my friends and I not being the most active people in the world, were content to just swim in the beach and sit around telling each other stories.” — Kayo lang ‘to eh! (Said the girl who slept the most during the trip. LOL)

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