Since 2006

It’s unfortunate that it’s the saddest of things that brings about some of the happiest things. A friend who I used to work with recently lost a family member. So I and some of my former colleagues went to the wake last Saturday. And because in this country, we believe that it’s bad luck to go straight home when you’re coming from a wake, we had burgers at a nearby placeĀ before we called it a night.


Most of us have known each other since 2006. That was the year I started working at the company I used to work in. I left that company in 2010, but have kept in touch with some of my colleagues, most of whom are in this picture. Though there are also some people here whom I haven’t seen (except on Facebook) in the last 2 years.

A lot’s happened since I left that company. For starters, only 3 of the people in this picture are still working there. So there were lots of things to catch up on. And inevitably, everyone, and I do mean each and every one of them, almost individually, too, asked me about E. Why wouldn’t they? E was especially present in my life during the years that I worked in that company. They all met him. He even went to one (or more than one, really) of our summer outings. They knew his name, they knew what he looked like, and they all talked to him at one point or another. And they’re my friends. So they asked about him. And I told them what happened. They reacted, pretty much the way friends react. They didn’t say anything offensive or anything that would make me cry. And we talked about many other things, too, which I was extra grateful for.

I guess it’s only normal that when you meet with people you haven’t seen in a long time, the first thing they’d ask you is about the last thing they remember about you. Just to be sure, though, I told them I hoped that they wouldn’t ask me about E again the next time we all see each other. They agreed but not before joking about it, which is fine. I don’t really mind joking about it. Especially if the joke is funny, and they were. Because they’re funny. They’re some of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

Maybe it’s not unfortunate that death brings people together, after all. Perhaps, since death is inevitable anyway, then it’s even a good thing, that there’s at least one good thing that happens when someone dies.


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