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Catching up with friends

I know I always say that I have crap social skills and while that is true, I do still have a few friends whom I can talk to. And I’m really glad I do.

Yesterday I went to a coffee shop with my friends M and J (and it was a nice coffee shop, too) to catch up. We had a nice time because the coffee and pastries we had were really good. But of course, no good taste of coffee or pastry can ever make up for bad company, so really, I’m quite sure that we had a great time, 90% because I like spending time with my friends.

my latte from magnum opus fine coffees

Anyway, when we left the coffee shop we went to my house so J could look at my computer. M left because she had to meet with other friends. J fixed my computer but also ended up staying until late because we were talking about our lives. I realized only then that although I would see J every so often, we hadn’t actually caught up with each other’s lives that much. We used to talk to each other every day and we talked about a great many things, but then we had significant others and that naturally makes you grow apart with your other friends. One of us still has a significant other (Read: NOT ME), but anyway J had time to talk to me yesterday.

We talked about the things we used to talk about and about a lot of things that happened in the past. Of course I know how quickly time passes but you never really feel it until when you’re talking with an old friend. J and I have known each other since high school and it felt so weird to know about most of the events he talked about, because I was actually there when they happened.

It was also very strange when I was telling M about my friends whom I’ve known since kindergarten and how ridiculous our issues were and that they didn’t matter now because they were so twenty years ago, and then I realized that they were in fact, literally twenty years ago.

Anyway, I’m glad I’ve kept a lot of friends for a long time that I can talk to them about things that happened ten or twenty years ago and they’d know exactly what I mean because they were there, too. And I’m glad that there are really nice coffee shops near my house, too. 🙂


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