The Walking Dead S4 E2

Why did I think The Walking Dead was going to start sucking?! I thought for sure that I would only be watching this season for loyalty’s sake and not because I would still be interested in the story or the characters. Well, they certainly proved me wrong.

I think it’s because I’d been reading on what’s been happening behind the scenes too much. They have a new showrunner now and my favorite character (Shane) has been dead for a long time… I really thought I wouldn’t be as interested to see each episode each week. Though I do agree with what most critics have said that at the end of Season 3, they’d killed off all the uninteresting characters and left the good ones. Well, I agree with that except for Merle and Carol.

I’m going to say it: I don’t like Carol. I don’t know why people started liking her. Sure she’s changed a lot since Season 1, but I’m not too impressed with her. I don’t think she’s done anything really impressive and she’s the first one who doubts Rick whenever there’s an opportunity to. And, why is she Daryl’s love interest?! I always thought of her as Daryl’s older sister. Needless to say, the whole Carol/Daryl pairing creeps me out. And, Merle, they killed him just when everyone was starting to like him. He didn’t even get the honor of killing The Governor, another character I never much liked. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a real badass and I like what he brought to the show, but he really does give me the creeps, and he’s one of the people who are purely evil. I mean, the reason why Shane was such an interesting character was because you knew he was actually a good person and he just got real twisted along the way. The Governor on the other hand, I guess he was “good” at the beginning because he loved his daughter and all but… Putting walker heads in a jar is… Beyond salvation.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to not like Tyrese. I know he’s a fan favorite from the comic books so I’m hoping he’ll become a better character but I don’t like that they started this season with him being all googly-eyed and in love. Of course, the ending of this latest episode has certainly changed that. So, yeah. I’m hoping Tyrese becomes a better character.

As for the characters I still love/am loving, at the top of the list would have to be Michonne! Michonne, you guys!! Did she make you cry in that scene where she hugged Judith? I was not able to hold back my tears. And Carl, is/has been on a really really good character development path. If there’s ever a character whom I hope they don’t mess up, it’s definitely Carl. More than Daryl. Yeah, I said it. I mean, of course I love Daryl (you can’t not!), but I think he’s in one of those rare places where no matter what the writers do with him, people will love him still. Just like Rick (well, for me, anyway). Carl, on the other hand, is on extremely thin ice. One wrong move and the audience might turn on him forever.

So. This blog entry was totally supposed to be about my shopping spree with my friends. But then I watched Episode 2 of The Walking Dead 4 and this is what happened. Sorry, friends. I’ll write about you in my next blog entry! 😉

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