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Friends, Old and New

I honestly think that I’m one of the most anti-social people I know. But I know that this isn’t exactly a good thing, so what do I do? I make a few friends, just a few friends, but I make friends with the friendliest people I meet. That way, I don’t need to be so social. They do the socializing but I’m still able to make and keep friends. Brilliant, right? Except, I really don’t think that I did this consciously. So having these people in my life may have just been a happy accident, after all. Not that I’m complaining.

That’s me in the middle and all around me are friends from pre-school, grade school, high school, university, former work, current work and the significant others of boys who are close to me

Last Sunday, I celebrated my birthday with these friends at Tints Nail and Waxing Spa in Alabang. I invited just a few people so there would be time to talk to everyone and we could all bond. I prepared some activities (I won’t call them games now because I’ve been told that the term ‘games’ is for children. :P) that had them answering questions about love and life (Kunwari profound!) and identifying the romantic partners of people in history, current events and fiction. I’m a bit sad that no one was able to name the partner of Richard Blaine but that just means that there are still people out there whose throats I can shove Casablanca into who can still see Casablanca for the first time. 😉 We also had an activity where we had to name as many Harry Potter characters as we could and I was happily reminded that I have friends who are as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am, or perhaps even more so. Maybe I should’ve said Game of Thrones instead? But K would’ve won that for sure and she was already the winner for the “Famous Couples” activity.

Anyway, aside from competitive activities (this is now the official term that I will use in substitute of “games”), there was also food–triple chocolate cookies from Bread Monster (I ordered 2 boxes from their ATC branch), cheese pimiento sandwiches (cheese pimiento spread lovingly made from scratch by my mom), and Ritz cheese crackers (contributed by J!). I think they were a hit because I heard compliments for all these items. 🙂

And I have to talk about the spa treatments themselves; they were the reason why we were there. That and because I just think that having a spa party is one of the best ways to bond with your girl friends. Call me sexist but I really don’t think guys have any business getting their feet pedicured. So the nail spa is like a safe place for girls, yeah? Anyway, most people opted to get a foot spa and they gave me good feedback so I’m happy about that. 🙂 As for me, I decided to get a manicure and a pedicure using gel polish. I’m really happy with the results. It’s been 2 days and I’ve done lots of stuff but the polish on my nails have not chipped and neither has the polish on my toenails. They used ORLY polish and it’s so far the best kind I’ve ever had on my nails. On ordinary days, you have to pay an additional P30 for them to use this polish (ordinary/local polish costs only P10 additional) but because this was under the context of a sparty, I actually paid only one big consumable sum. Anyway, my friends left the spa feeling relaxed and they all said that they were satisfied with the service so I would definitely recommend this spa to my other friends.

Oh, and I have to say that because I chose them for my sparty, they gave me and 4 of my guests discount cards that entitles us to a 10% discount on their services for 1 year. 😀 This was actually the deciding factor for me. I went to many different spas in our area to canvass and I chose Tints because for only P1000 more than another spa that I liked, I got 5 complimentary treatments and discounts on our next visits!

I’m only sorry that I didn’t take more pictures, but sometimes taking pictures of the activity kills the spirit, doesn’t it? And btw, the photo here was taken by the only boy in the room, J2’s boyfriend, who is also my high school friend, J3. (Forgive me, 5 people in the party had names that started with J.) He was only there to pick her up though. He wasn’t invited because, well, No Boys Allowed! 😡 Hahaha!

So it was another successful birthday party for me, if I do say so myself. As I mentioned in this entry, I try to celebrate my birthday differently every year, not just for myself, but because I want my friends to have a good time whenever we all meet up. They said they did, and I consider that to be one of the best birthday gifts I’ve received. 😀


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