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I used to feel bad that my birthday fell on a Tuesday and not on a weekend. You see, it’s easier when it falls on a Saturday or Sunday because then you wouldn’t have to think too hard when you’re going to celebrate it. It’s difficult to celebrate on weekdays because everyone has work and schedules are harder to coordinate. But after last weekend and the first few hours of today, I’m never going to complain about having my birthday on a weekday any more.

My mom got a coupon for a free overnight stay at Acacia Hotel. It’s only valid ’til November and we were having difficulty deciding when we were going to use it. She said, “Why not do it the weekend before your birthday? So we have something to celebrate!”

So I reserved the Sept 14-15 weekend for our posh overnight stay. 🙂 We checked in at 3 p.m. and because this counted as my birthday celebration with my family, my brother and M stopped by our room and they gave me the first birthday gift I got this year! 😀


It’s a word game of sorts. You can read the complete description here. We were supposed to play, but since I would still have to read the instructions and set up the answer sheets and things, we decided to have dinner first. So I put the lid back on the box and we all went to the North Park Noodles that’s just walking distance from the hotel. After dinner, we had coffee and cakes at the nearby Conti’s where they gave me a free birthday cheesecake slice.

The next morning, my mom and I woke up at around 6 a.m. to be the first ones at the hotel swimming pool. We went swimming despite the light rain. And we stayed for at least an hour, too. After washing up, we went to the hotel cafe for the breakfast buffet, which, I don’t need to tell you, is all kinds of awesome. 😀


We checked out at noon and I slept the rest of the day until it was time for church and then for videoke with my friends. I invited some friends over to the house Sunday night. I don’t know why I called it a birthday “party” when all we did was watch TV. I mean, we sang a few songs on the videoke but 60% of the night was spent watching The Biography Channel. Not that I minded. I think it’s quite clear from a lot of my blog entries that I’m obsessed with TV. So I actually enjoyed that 60%. And the 40% remaining, too, because that’s the part where I received my 2nd birthday gift (pretty pretty bags!) and a legit birthday cake (It’s Mer-Nel’s!). It’s also the part where I finally got to play Scattergories. I didn’t win (M2 got the honor) but it was a lot of fun inventing answers (like street names) and then being too embarrassed about having resorted to that that you end up giving up the point you could’ve gotten. Hahaha!


Anyway, my friends left one by one (a little past midnight, 2:15 a.m., around 4 a.m. and then a little after 12 noon) and I had to go to work, too. It was already Monday. I worked a full shift but received a message from my mom sometime in the middle of the day asking what time my work would end. I recently told her that the Yellow Cab Pizza Co. branch near our house is open for 24 hours and she suggested that we should have a midnight snack there since by the time my Monday shift ended, it would already be the 17th, my birthday.

So that’s what we did: have twice baked potato halves, buffalo wings and ice cream at the Yellow Cab near our house at around one o’clock in the morning. I have the best parents in the world because they stayed up late (even if my mom has to go to work before 9 a.m.) to pick me up from the office and celebrate my birthday on its actual day. 🙂


My birthday falling on a Tuesday turned out to be a blessing, after all. I got to have several celebrations and the day’s not even over yet! 🙂


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