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5 Days Left!

Dear Everyone,

You have 5 days left to buy me a birthday present.

No, actually, you have 365 days and the rest of your life left because really, I can receive gifts anytime you’d like to give me one (or two or three). 😉 But in case you’d like to give me one on my exact birthday this year, you have only five days left.

If you don’t know what to get me, let me help you out! Here’s my birthday (and what the heck, it’s for Christmas, too, in case you’re the kind who likes to plan ahead) wish list:

  • glitter/metallic colored pens
  • black ink gel pen
  • pretty notebooks
  • handkerchiefs
  • Calgon Morning Glory body mist
  • shoulder bag (medium to large size – ‘yung kasya ang payong, kikay kit, planner/kindle)
  • cash is always good 🙂
  • colored printer ink for HP Deskjet 810C
  • Mer-Nel’s chocolate cake
  • big and sturdy hairbrush
  • cute umbrellas
  • backpack (preferably waterproof)
  • hand carry luggage stroller
  • gift certificates

And because I’m feeling particularly bratty, I’m also going to tell you this: Please do not give me any more of the following–moisturizer, hand/body lotion, bath gel, hair conditioner. Medyo marami pa kasi ako niyan and nahihirapan akong ubusin sila, actually.

‘Yun lang naman so far. Magdadagdag na lang ako ‘pag may maisip pa’ko. Also, I wouldn’t say no if you offered to pay for the remainder of my credit card/mobile phone bill. Haha! Pakapalan na ng mukha. 😉


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