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Chatting with Friends


So, I know we all know about the evils of technology, but today I’d like to talk about its upside.

This is a screenshot of the chat thread of me and my friends and it’s seriously one of the very few things that’s keeping me sane at the moment.

J1 recently got herself an iPhone you see and with it an unlimited Internet connection. So now we can chat with each other all the time! ๐Ÿ˜€ And I know we talk about mundane things like Ben Barnes, but I’m really glad that we can talk to each other during the day without interrupting the things we need to do at work too much. We even send each other screenshots and snapshots of things we’re doing and food we’re eating. We’re thinking that maybe we’re abusing these functions of our phones, but… it really is so much fun. If we were more into outfits, I think we might consult each other on our outfits for the day. Actually I used to do this with some of my friends who are into fashion.

I feel like a kid in the 80’s with a walkie talkie, only this is so much better. Because we can send pictures and other stuff, and the range is, anywhere there’s Internet. Though there’s actually a livechat/walkie talkie-type function in this program, too. Perhaps the creator was also an 80’s kid.

Anyway, I’m just really thankful that it’s way easier to talk to my friends now because of technology. And I hope that my other friends (calling J3) get unlimited Internet and this chat program on their phones, too.


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