Saturday Swimming


No filters for this photo because look at that blue! It’s the perfect swimming pool blue, isn’t it? It was too inviting, I couldn’t resist swimming, acute laryngitis and all.

Maybe there are still some people in the corners of the Internet I haven’t told, but I’ve been sick for the past few weeks (yes weeks! not even days! :cry:) but because the doctor told me not to use my voice and didn’t tell me to take it easy on physical activities, I foolishly believed I could go to a swimming party and not have my condition worsen.

I was wrong, of course. But, look! Look at that water!

We went to New Village Resort in Pansol, Laguna. It’s in one of the subdivisions there where most of the houses have swimming pools like these that are for rent. You know what I think? I think this is our version of the Noraebang. Because we’re in the Philippines and it’s hot, an airconditioned room in the city is not enough for our karaoke cravings. We need to go swimming, too!

Anyway, in my lifetime, I’ve been to a lot of these places and with different people, too. Some places were really nice, like this one, some were really crappy. But really, we didn’t care because as long as the karaoke machine worked and the pool had water in it, we were good.

Also, because I live in the south of Manila, going to Laguna, where these places are in abundance, isn’t too difficult for me. I can’t imagine living in the north and not have going to Pansol be sort of a natural thing. Or, actually, I can’t imagine living in the north at all! Forgive my bias but one of the best decisions my parents ever made was to live in the south. But I won’t go deeper into that topic because you know I can just go on and on about this north vs. south thing.

Other than this swimming pool, the highlight of the Saturday (aside from the obvious — bonding with friends of course (and I can’t say the karaoke because I’m sick and therefore can’t talk let alone sing), was most definitely the buko pie. I think I have yet to make a trip to Laguna where I didn’t eat buko pie. Perhaps now that I’ve said it, the next time I go to Laguna, I won’t be able to eat buko pie. 😦 In fact, I already wasn’t able to buy buko pie as pasalubong after this trip, but that just makes me look forward to next time. I should make time (and money) for it. I think the people at home are also happy whenever I bring home a box of Lety’s (because this is the best buko pie in the country, but Colette’s will do, if Lety’s is too far/expensive for you).

I got home early Sunday morning and stayed in bed the whole day and the whole Monday, too. That’s the consequence of going swimming when your health’s not at 100%. But… gah. You can only attend a friend’s niece’s baptism once, right?


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