Looking Back. Moving Forward.

I saw those words on one of the layouts of the InstaMag app. And because today is my first day back at work but the last day of July, I thought it was fitting.

I am actually only a few steps away from the office but my work doesn’t start for 20 more minutes so I’m savoring this alone time that I have before starting to work again.

I was sick the past week so I hadn’t been to work in about 7 days. I know it’s strange to miss work, but I kind of miss it. At least, the day to day routine that makes you feel like you have a purpose in the world. I think it’s because I wasn’t on vacation or anything. I was sick so even though I didn’t have to work, I pretty much couldn’t do anything else. I spent the week at home, watching TV and feeling sorry for myself. Well, being sick does that to you, I guess. Sick with an actual medical conditon and sick in the head (or emotionally) is a really bad combination.

Today, I’m still not at 100%. My voice still falters but at least my cough has dissipated somewhat. And I think I can say the same about how I’m feeling emotionally. Still not at 100% but at least the things that were really painful have dissipated somewhat, too. So, things can only get better from here. I’m hoping.

I had to have gotten sick literally to be able to start doing what I need to do to get better figuratively. How’s that for a life metaphor?


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