Gluttony Weekend!

My friend J got a coupon for a free overnight stay at a hotel nearby so that’s where I and my friends slept last weekend. It was fun!

We brought food to share (mostly junk food) and started eating them right after checking in at 3 p.m. Then we went to UCC where we had dinner and coffee. In the morning we availed of the hotel’s breakfast buffet and stayed at the restaurant from 7:30 to 10 a.m. When we got back to the room, we finished eating the junk food we brought and after checking out at 2 p.m., I met with my friend M at the mall where watched Pacific Rim. I ate popcorn while watching the movie and afterwards I had a slice of cake at a nearby cafe.

Gluttony is gluttony.

Aside from the food though, the highlight of the weekend was really that I got to spend time with my friends. They’re my closest and oldest friends and I always feel happy whenever I’m with them. Even when we’re talking about sad things. Just having people to share stories with can really make me feel better.

Also, Pacific Rim on IMAX is all kinds of win. 😀


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