I don’t know how to stop talking to you.

I know why I shouldn’t be communicating with you. I know why it’s not healthy or good for me to keep on sending you text messages or e-mails. But what am I supposed to do when there are things that I want to tell you? Forget that you might be interested to know them? Am I supposed to pretend that those certain pictures of 3d drawings won’t interest you? But I send links to interesting things on the net all the time, and to different people, depending on who I think would be interested in them. For example, if I see a page about the different houses in Game of Thrones, then I’d tell my friends who are into Game of Thrones about that page. Why should you be any different?

Am I supposed to just hope that you find those things that you’re interested in on your own? Am I not supposed to care about the things you like? But what if I like them, too? It’s inevitable since we have similar interests, right? I can’t be blamed for liking a particular kind of music and it’s not because of me that you like that kind of music, too.

What’s worse is that not a lot of other people like the same things we do. That’s why we were able to talk to each other so easily, wasn’t it? Because no one else could relate to what we were talking about. No one else was interested. Who am I supposed to talk about those things with now? I already know that none of my friends can understand. I’ve tried talking to them about it and they’re not the least bit curious. They even try to change the subject.

Perhaps I don’t need to tell you all the information. Maybe that’s what blogs are for and internet chat rooms. But talking with strangers or sending messages into the ether is completely different from laughing about an inside joke with an old friend.

Am I supposed to change the things that I’m interested in? Am I supposed to find new friends? Why am I supposed to do everything differently? How am I supposed to do everything differently? I don’t know how to do this.


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