It’s Official

It’s officially the second half of the year. More or less. My calendar tells me that July 2 is actually this year’s halfway mark. Whatever. It’s July. Welcome to the beginning of the end of 2013.

I did say that the first quarter of 2013 was all about cleaning up 2012’s mess. Did I say it in this blog? I can’t remember. Anyway, I said it. And the second quarter of 2013, which I guess ended a few hours ago, was all about dealing with the issues that the clean-up committee brought to light. Or maybe I need to stop labelling dates and quarters and just get to the issue at hand. The issue of what’s official.

He officially has a girlfriend. I want to insert some “Ta-da!”-type sound effects here, but I can’t say it comes as a surprise. Wasn’t this always the next inevitable thing that would happen? But of course, knowing that something is going to happen, and actually preparing for it, doesn’t mean that you’ll feel any less of, whatever you were going to feel if you hadn’t known about it in advance.

I think, more than anything, this is what makes me feel sad. Knowing that this scenario was inevitable. Finding out, that despite the fact that we did our best, and I know that we really did, the both of us, not just me, things still didn’t work out. We couldn’t make ourselves the exception. And now all that’s left to do is move on. Officially. Finally. Hopefully.


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