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I finally changed the “freebie” included in my phone’s plan. This is a normal kind of thing that people do I suppose, but for me this action merits a blog entry because I changed my Freebie E (E, how fitting) to Freebie A.

A short explanation on what I’m talking about: the plan I’m paying for for my mobile phone gives me unlimited internet. Unlimited internet means very limited calls and text messages. How limited you ask? Well, you can choose among these 3 options: Freebie A, which gives you 200 SMS and 10 mins calls to numbers from the same service provider; Freebie B, gives you 100 SMS and 5 mins calls to numbers from other service providers; and Freebie E, which gives you unlimited SMS and calls to one number. Just one.

For the longest time, my plan had Freebie E attached to it. It’d been in place even before I changed my phone, in fact. So for the longest time, I was able to make unlimited calls and send an unlimited amount of text messages to one number. I did ask, when I first availed of this freebie, if it was possible to change it. The person from the cellphone company said it was possible to change it to another freebie anytime, and it was possible to change the one number once a month. I remember joking about how I hope I wouldn’t ever be the kind of person who changes that one number once a month. It’s a joke, because this kind of cellphone plan is usually used by couples. It makes sense; if the person you most often text/call is the person you’re in a relationship with, it’s definitely an advantage that you don’t have to pay P1.00 for each text message sent to the same number.

So I didn’t change the phone number under Freebie E. What number would I change it to? Instead, I changed the freebie altogether. To Freebie A. It gives equal treatment to all numbers under the same service provider. I should learn a thing or two from it and be able to give equal treatment to the people in my contacts list, too.

I actually thought that it would take another month for this change to take effect, since you can normally only change your plan monthly. But there’s apparently another rule for changing freebies. You can change them anytime. I called the cellphone company a few minutes ago and they told me the change would be applied within the hour. Meaning, the change is taking effect as I write this blog entry.

From this point forward, I’m no longer entitled to send unlimited text messages and call unlimited times to one particular number. Though, put that way, I think I already lost that entitlement way before today anyway.


3 thoughts on “Free”

    1. Haha actually meron, di ko na lang dinetail dito kasi hindi sya gaano relevant sa plan ko. Plan C gives you overseas calls for free; Plan D naman 3hrs internet, which isn’t applicable to my plan kasi unli internet na ‘yung main plan ko. 😛
      That and maybe nananadya si Fate kaya Freebie E sya.

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