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Books VS Movies Debate. Seriously?

Because I am a coward (like Samwell Tarly), I am ranting on my blog instead of commenting on my friend’s Facebook page where I saw the comments that upset me in the first place. Oh well, that’s what all this space on the internet is for, isn’t it? So there’s a place for all of us? I just really didn’t want to start an argument, especially since the post was not on my wall and the commenters are people I’ve never met.

Anyway, yesterday, most of us got to watch one of the biggest episodes of the Game of Thrones TV series. It was a very emotional episode and if you’ve invested some feelings on certain characters, the episode will definitely break your heart. I don’t want to put any spoilers here so let’s leave it at that. Anyway, this isn’t about the story of the series but my annoyance at people’s reactions to people’s reactions to it.

My friend, who doesn’t watch the TV series, posted the Facebook status: Am I the only one who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones?

That’s fair. I’ve wanted to post that a number of times on FB, not about Game of Thrones of course but whenever there’s a big event that most people are commenting about but I can’t relate to. For instance, I am completely clueless about basketball, but have a number of Facebook friends who feel that it’s important to post all kinds of game results on their wall. I have nothing against that, really. It’s their wall, they can post whatever on it. And I guess you can say that about comments, too.

I just really don’t understand why there are still some people who say things like this:

“[Reading the book is] better than watching the tv series.”

Dear People of Earth who still don’t get it,

Books and film are different mediums, okay??? What works for books might not work for film and vice-versa. So it’s impossible to say that one thing is “better” than the other.

Maybe you like reading books better than watching TV. If you do, fine. But that’s the reason you should give for preferring the book over the TV show. Or if you think the TV show is actually badly done, then say that it’s bad because the actors are crap or because the dialogue is stupid. Not because “They didn’t include [insert detail here] in the TV show and it was such an important part in the book!”

I was even more upset when that same person commented, “Read the book na lang! so we can laugh at the people’s reactions after watching the show haha”.

One question: WHY? Why would you laugh at people’s reactions after watching the TV show? Emotional turmoil is nothing to laugh at. Nevermind what brought about the turmoil. People are affected differently by different things. Some of us are more affected by literature than others. I don’t understand why that’s funny. Some people have committed suicide after hearing a song that made them sad. Is that something to laugh at? That a certain song can mean so much to one person that he/she decides to hinge his/her life on it? I mean, it’s just a song, right? Maybe you heard it under very different circumstances like, if you heard it while you were in Disneyland. But that person heard it just when he/she was contemplating life and death and it happened to push him/her over the edge. I don’t find that funny at all.

And here’s another comment (though by a different person): “I got over the [insert sad event here] in college. Hahaha.”

He wants to say that he read the book and found out about the story before everyone else did and that, what, makes him a better person somehow? I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that we were all in a race to see who can find out the most information about this story. What do we get when we win? We get to lord the information we know over people who haven’t read the books/seen the TV series yet? For what? Personal satisfaction? I don’t get it.

Also: A few people also commented on how they “don’t care” about Game of Thrones and I could just feel their eyes rolling at the people who do care. Newsflash, if they really didn’t care, they wouldn’t have felt the need to comment in the first place.

And one last: That friend of mine watches Survivor, a series I never liked but don’t mind that other people like it. She posts a lot of things online that are about Survivor and I’ve never read any of it (except the titles or the initial post, because I can’t avoid seeing them on my news feed/plurk feed) because I’m not that interested in Survivor. But it definitely never occurred to me to make fun of the people who still think that Survivor is the best TV show ever.

As I write this, I’m remembering that I’ve written some anti-Twilight stuff, but that really has to do more with “I’m against bad writers becoming rich and famous while some good ones starve.” than anything else.

8 thoughts on “Books VS Movies Debate. Seriously?”

  1. You should’ve replied to the comments you really disagreed with. There’s nothing better than a good, smart (and civil) argument 🙂 I get where you’re coming from though; it’s generally considered polite to not disagree with people you don’t know. For future reference though, my posts are generally a free-for-all kind of space for my Facebook friends. In fact, I appreciate it when my friends disagree with each other. There is little to be gained when everyone around you has the same opinion.

    That said, I feel like I have to defend myself a bit. I don’t know if it just wasn’t obvious from my post, but I certainly did not intend to belittle or make fun of people watching the show or reading the books. The status update was meant to convey my amusement over myself not knowing about something a lot of people are raving about, as well as to feel some sense of silly solidarity with other people who are equally clueless.

    | A few people also commented on how they “don’t care” about Game of Thrones and I could just their eyes rolling at the people who do care.

    I’m sure there are *plenty* of people who feel that way , but I can’t assume that *all* non-GoT watchers look at GoT watchers/readers with disdain, and I won’t, not unless the disdain is explicit.

    1. Oh Danes, of course I couldn’t hide from you! I suppose I could’ve commented on your status more but, er, I’m afraid of people.

      I didn’t think you were making fun of other people, though. I understood your status and your amusement at yourself. But I can’t say the same for some of the people who commented on your status. Hahaha. This is me being a passive aggressive war freak to people I don’t even know. 😛

  2. actually, alam ko na ung mangyayari kasi kinuwento na ng tatay ko sa akin when he was reading the books. although i havent watched the episode yet, i think i might still be shocked at it. or i might enjoy it. depends if im crazy.

    siguro 5 or 6 years ago i would be all purist like,.. “books are better” blah, blah… like how ive been “meaning” to read cloud atlas or warm bodies before watching the movies. But as I no longer have time to read, i appreciate watching movies more. Siguro there’s something about how i don’t know what’s going to happen so, even if “it happened differently” sa book. Kebs. sometimes i’ve never even seen the trailer. i just go the movies because it’s there. no clue plot-wise.

    i really miss reading non-medical stuff. :/

    oh and yes… start commenting more. 😀 discussions and long opinion threads are awesome. XD

    1. Haha me too! Masaya rin manood ng movies minsan nang wala kang clue what the movie’s about at all, so gulat ka sa lahat ng mga pangyayari.
      Anyway, for me, reading the book and watching the movie/TV show are really completely different experiences. Although same lang ang kwento when you strip them to their bare essentials pero iba talaga kasi ang effect ng words at ng visuals, lamo ‘yun? So ‘di ko talaga sila ma-compare.
      I haven’t read the GoT books though (or should I say A Song of Ice and Fire) except the first one. Nagustuhan ko naman siya but since nauna akong ma-introduce sa series through the TV show, sa’kin para siyang additional reference/appendix if you will, nung TV show. Not that that makes it any less impressive to me.

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