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I was standing in front of the mirror, straightening my blouse. I was concentrating on the creases so much that I felt how close he was before I saw his reflection next to mine.

I met his eyes in the mirror and he smiled. I made a funny face and he laughed. “See?” I said. “We look good together. Don’t we look so cute together? We look great together!” I said, looking at our reflections.

Our height difference was just right. Our complexions were just right. I smiled and he smiled and we looked like the happiest couple in the world.

“The truth is,” he said. “I believe you’re my soulmate.”

I looked up at him this time, taking my eyes away from the mirror. “What?”

“You’re my soulmate,” he said. “No one’s understood me as well as you, no one’s accepted me as wholly as you, no one’s made me happier than you.”

“But?” I asked.

“It’s more than enough for me, that you’re my soulmate and best friend. I’d be too selfish if I wanted you to be more than that,” he reasoned. “I can’t be selfish anymore. I can’t keep you all to myself anymore. Because you deserve so much more than me.”

Is it sweet what he said? Or was it just a really creative way of justifying his leaving me?


5 thoughts on “Soulmate”

  1. Is it over? 😦

    We must meet before I leave for NYC-BOS. 🙂 For very lengthy discussions. (Already set-up a different date with Gap. Haha.) :p

      1. This month I can’t go anywhere until after June 20. (Stupid Meta-Analysis Report.) I’ll let you know after that. I leave on July 5. 😉

    1. @lessa: I realize now that I didn’t reply to the first statement in your comment. Anyway, here’s my reply now: Yes, it’s over. And I didn’t mention this in the entry because it seemed out of place, but it’s strange to think that the one who thought I was his soulmate was the one who decided to leave me, and I don’t even believe in soulmates but I’m the one left behind.

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