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Now that The Walking Dead Season 3 is over, Mondays mean one thing: Game of Thrones Season 3! And the rest of the week, well, I still haven’t finished watching season 3 of Prison Break. Of course, Prison Break only has 4 seasons so I will probably need to find a new old TV show to obsess about soon. Not that there’s a shortage of that. I actually haven’t caught up with the episodes of Gossip Girl and Bones and Castle. Which begs the question (it doesn’t, really, but whatever), why haven’t I been watching the latest episodes of these shows? Well, that’s because I’ve been reading. Yes, reading! Is it so difficult to believe? Maybe not. But I’m surprising myself at how far along I’ve gotten. Of course, it’s not as far as a genuine bibliophile would’ve gotten by now but forgive me, my reading skills are really barely hitting high school level.

I’ve been reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I don’t even remember why this was the book I chose to read after Geek Magnet, but it’s the book I happen to be reading these days. And perhaps I’m only on chapter four and that means I haven’t gotten to the meat of it yet, but so far it’s not boring at all. I actually have a hard time putting it down and feel quite sad when I’m so exhausted at the end of the day that I fall asleep before reading as many pages as I hope to.

Anyway, it’s about architecture, of all topics. Not something I’m particularly interested in, but I guess art is art. And Howard Roark seems like a very interesting man, what with his orange hair and his arrogance. I know, I still have a long way to go. I’m only on page 153 of 2394 pages so perhaps I’ll change my opinion later but for now, I’m enjoying the story.

I really wish I had more time. I still want to finish A Clash of Kings and the other bunch of books I’ve been trying to read. Why do I read at a glacial pace? I’m trying to read faster but when I do, I just realize that I haven’t been understanding the past few pages and would have to repeat reading them, which makes finishing the book take even longer. (sigh)

What will I do? There are so many stories to find out about and so little time to read books and watch TV. And I’m already not watching as many movies as I used to. Maybe I should stop talking to my friends then? Hahaha! Spoken like a true anti-social.


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