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Dear People of the Earth,

Kung hindi kita kamag-anak na mas-matanda sa’kin, or boss sa office na binabayaran ako para magtrabaho, I seriously don’t think that you have a right to tell me what to do, especially kung ikaw ‘yung may kailangan sa’kin.

I don’t appreciate being texted messages like these:

Please bring [name of item] to [name of place]. Thanks.

Na wala man lang kapola-politeness. Except for the word “please”, but the word “thanks” at the end completely negates that as it implies that I should do what you’re asking, without any arguments or questions. Mind you, this is a personal request. It’s not like may group activity na na-assign kang maging leader. And I certainly never volunteered my services to help like when I told someone to just text me if she needed me to do anything re: the preparations of a party for a friend.

‘Yun pa. Ni hindi man lang tayo close friends. Why are you texting me like I owe you something?

Maybe it’s not fair to address this to the “People of the Earth” since I’m really only talking about one person. But seriously, it astonishes me how some people can forget common courtesy or think they’re so entitled. Just because we know each others’ name doesn’t give us a right to order each other around. Maski ‘yung mga closest friends ko whom I’ve known for a long time and marami na kaming napagdaanan, hindi ako kinakausap nang ganyan. Learn some respect, please.

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