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2nd Book of the Year


I finally finished reading this book that my friend K recommended ages ago. Did I mention I read at a glacial pace?

Anyway, it was pretty fun for the most part. Very YA stuff. I mean, the main character is a girl who likes the popular boy but has some “geeks” who follow her around like sick puppies. A lot of back and forth about being popular, because isn’t that the main thing in high school? And of course, the backdrop is that they’re all working on a school play. Grease, in this case, I guess to drive the point home that popularity and cliques are all just high school melodrama. Though there was that part about the lead character’s father who’s a drunk, and that the popular girl actually goes to therapy. Still pretty teenage-y, not that that’s a bad thing since this book is meant for teenagers.

The only thing I didn’t like—it seemed to lack a chapter. I mean, yeah, loose ends were tied after the curtain call (because of course, the ending revolved around opening night of their play) but it would’ve been nice to have a scene that showed how the characters interacted after the play and all of the issues (or at least most of them) were over.

Of course, the real point of why I’m posting about this is because this is only the second book I’ve finished reading this year, and I’m not very proud that it’s a YA book (and therefore an “easy read”, if you discount the cringe-inducing cliche lines like “You. Me. The dark. What do you think the universe is trying to tell us?“). So I hope I’ll read a more “productive” book after this. But it also merits mentioning, that this was the first book I finished reading on my phone, oh I’m sorry, I mean, my phablet (!!). It’s amazing! I could change the background and font size and everything! But I’m not saying I like it better than my Kindle. Because the Kindle is still pretty great. You know how its surface is not glossy? It’s pretty amazing, too.

Oh books and gadgets. Because boys lie to me all the time and break my heart all the time, I think you are the true loves of my life. Haha!


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