TV Obsession Again

Much like how even just one song can make a music artist’s career, it takes but one show for the TV-obsessed me to watch stuff again.

I stopped for a while because I suddenly had work to do and didn’t have as much free time as I used to, and I went and read books because you know, I like reading books, too. And it’s kind of easier because you can read books anywhere, as opposed to TV shows that you have to watch on some sort of device (not that I didn’t eventually just read books on a device as well).

Anyway, I guess it also helps that E and I see each other more or less regularly now and we can share our files with each other. He doesn’t watch the TV shows that I watch, unfortunately. But it’s a great way for the both of us to find new shows and movies we wouldn’t have seen if we’d been looking at stuff on our own. So I couldn’t get him to watch Castle because let’s face it–the premise of having the two leads having a romantic connection makes it a girl’s show, and E isn’t as open-minded as me anyway (Hah!) but he gave me The Walking Dead and now I can’t hate him anymore.

Have you seen the last 10 minutes of Season 3 Episode 10?

Be still my heart.

No, seriously.


1 thought on “TV Obsession Again”

  1. Oh, so here’s the reason.

    Oh, world. I really should’ve figured it out by now. What you keep doing. This is why it happened, right? Because I started to get comfortable?

    And I quote, “… it also helps that E and I see each other more or less regularly now…

    Because I got “comfortable” and that’s why you felt you had to pull the rug from underneath me. Because you just can’t stand it when someone is perfectly happy.

    What did I ever do to you? I’ll admit I’m not exactly a model citizen. I could probably do more for the environment and be more involved in social issues so I can change the world and help people and whatnot. But… I really just want to love and be loved. Why don’t I deserve it? 😥

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