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Hello, Frank Darabont

It’s because the theme song of The Walking Dead is so catchy, that’s why. I remember Frank Darabont as the producer. One time an officemate asked me if J.J. Abrams was the producer of The Walking Dead, because you know, he produced Lost and Star Trek and all. I said no, the producer of the The Walking Dead was Frank Darabont. I surprised myself when I realized that I knew it.

And now, because about a gazillion of people I’ve talked to at work who want to speak English have told me that their favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption, I decided to see it, and wouldn’t you know it, it was directed by my new favorite producer himself, Frank Darabont.

I know everyone in Hollywood’s bound to have had something to do with a movie or two before they become famous and you start remembering their name, but it does surprise me when a name I never expect to come up somehow does and I realize that I’ve been liking things that the same person was responsible for.

Take the time that I was telling M about Gattaca, about how it was such a great movie and one of Ethan Hawke’s finest and that it introduced Jude Law to the world. I told her about its plot and 1950’s feel and she said something like, “The way you talk about it somehow reminds me of In Time.”

I told her that I liked that movie, too, despite its negative reviews, and then I realized that silly me, the same person wrote and directed Gattaca and In Time. Andrew Niccol!

At one point I named him as my favorite writer, but now that he’s in charge of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, well, OK. I guess since I haven’t lost respect for Robert Pattinson and Anna Kendrick despite their involvement in Stephenie Meyer’s work, I guess, I can just think that maybe Andrew Niccol did it for the money. And, I don’t think I would take that against anyone.


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