About Me

Questions that make me think I’m not the “what you see is what you get” kind of person

In the past two weeks, I’d been asked the following:

  1. Are you Japanese?
  2. Did you just come from the beach?
  3. Are you sick?
  4. Did you sleep at all?
  5. Did you cut your hair?

I’m clearly seeing something else in the mirror if people are asking me these questions when as far as I know, I’m not Japanese, the last time I went to the beach was over 6 months ago, I feel fine, I was able to sleep for a full 8 hours the night before someone asked me that question, and it’s been over a month since I last had my hair cut.

Especially since the people who asked me these questions are people I see on a daily basis, now I’m wondering whether there’s something wrong with my vision.


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