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I’m a little angry.

I’m not saying I’m the most reliable person in the world but… It astonishes me how there can be a whole lot of people who can’t seem to live in this world.

OK, that’s way too harsh and people don’t deserve it. People deserve a lot more credit. But this is a rant and so I’m going to be irrational.

First: I’d like to say that I am of course not infallible and am probably also guilty of some of these things but I really hate myself whenever I do some of these things and I try not to do them again. I never deliberately nor uncaringly do these things and if I could control the world, I’m quite sure that I would never do them unless I was trying to make a point. What things, you ask? Well, read on.

  1. Not replying to text messages/e-mails. I get that you’re busy and that you can’t be expected to be on your phone or checking your e-mail all the time but unless you’re in a desert, I expect that you at least look at your phone and e-mail once a day. Meaning, if you don’t reply to a text/e-mail within 24-48 hours, I’m not the crazy one for wondering why or how you could not have seen the message I sent you yet.
    On a side note, I also can’t understand how people can still get away with “My phone’s battery died.” because again, unless you’re living in a desert or a deserted island, chances are, there’s an outlet near you and you can charge your phone within 12 hours after its battery died.
  2. Being late. Hey, if companies don’t accept “traffic jam” as an excuse then neither should I. Unless you’re going to a place for the first time and would therefore have no idea how long it realistically takes to get there, you shouldn’t be late to go anywhere. Ever. I mean, of course there are valid reasons for this, like maybe you’re sick or a family member is sick or well, there are a lot of valid reasons really, but I really dislike it when people say “traffic” or “I woke up late” as their reasons for being late. I mean, what part of “twelve noon” is so difficult to understand?
  3. Cancelling at the last minute. Don’t we all have calendars on our phones now? Don’t some people spend so much money on coffee just to get a planner? How can some people still forget when they’ve committed to something and suddenly flake out a few days or worse, a few hours or minutes before the time they said they would meet with you? Sometimes people even flake out a few minutes or hours after they said they would meet with you and you realize you just wasted several hours of your life waiting for something that was never going to arrive.
  4. Showing up, but leaving immediately. This is almost just as bad as people who cancel at the last minute. I mean, just say you can’t come if you’re just coming for the sake of not being called a canceller.

I’m aware that sometimes circumstances are beyond our control and that nothing ever goes the way they’re planned. What really bothers me is how a lot of people are so unapologetic about it. Like only their time matters and that you’re the loser because you have nothing better to do than to wait for them or commit to spending time with them. Really. Am I the one wrong because I want people to be on time or at least to inform you within an appropriate time frame that they can’t make it to something?


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