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Happy 2013!

Oh, the first post of the year is always the hardest.

So I will keep this short.

My sister and I have a new blog! 😀 It’s a joint blog in fact. We’ve decided to both do a 365-day project for 2013. Because we’re bored like that. Anyway, it’s here:

Zara & Ida’s 365 day project

In other news, I thought Sosy Problems would be my last movie of 2012 but it turned out that The Hobbit was showing in the IMAX theatre so that became my last movie of 2012. Obviously, they’re two incredibly different films and I imagine that there aren’t too many people who would see both movies in one weekend. But I am mentioning it because I liked them both. And for the same reason. I mean, that they were exactly what I expected them to be. Sosy Problems was ridiculous fluff that nobody should take seriously (and I really hope nobody does), I mean, it was bordering on Sex and the City 2 territory (minus the adult themes). And The Hobbit was a movie with fantastic vistas, battle scenes, special effects and musical scoring. I mean, the scene where the dwarves sang took my breath away.

And there you go, Sosy Problems and The Hobbit mentioned in the same paragraph (with a cameo of Sex and the City 2). I wonder if some people will find that offensive.

In more unrelated news, I go back to work tomorrow and things go back to normal, presumably. Not that I can define what “normal” is unless someone tells me that it’s just a synonym of “boring”.

And in even more unrelated news, the plastic container of peanut brittle that’s sitting behind me in my “new” computer chair just fell to the floor. I better pick it up.

Oh! Also, it’s a new year, which means I have to start a new reading list. So for 2012, I was able to read… 13 books. I guess it’s not that many but like I said, it’s better than the zero books I was able to read in 2011 and so many years before that. Anyway, for 2013, I’m going to be a bit more realistic with my reading goal and say that I hope to read… 20 books.

Twenty. It shouldn’t be too hard, especially when I finally catch up with watching all the episodes of Castle. It’s really my addiction to TV shows that keep me from reading. But I think that’s a common thing. Anyway, I’m actually in the middle of reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Yup, you guessed it right. I’m trying to read the entire Harry Potter series again. Just because the last time I actually read them (at least, the first 4 books) was in high school and though I’ve seen the movies several times, I would like to review all the details. As for A Clash of Kings, it got a bit too heavy and difficult for me to read, which is why I took a break from it and started reading Harry Potter again, but I’m sure I’ll get around to it sometime this year. Perhaps, when season 3 of Game of Thrones in HBO is out.


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