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Instagram shminstagram. Because I’m bitter that this app doesn’t work properly on my phone, I downloaded four different photo editors to compensate. I deleted all my games (save for one) in favor of these photo editors. But I’m happy about it because not only did they compensate, they also exceeded my needs and expectations. And now I think I’m addicted to filters and borders and taking pictures with my phone. I even want to buy a new phone with a better camera. I don’t think it makes me vain because I don’t take pictures of myself anyway. But why do I have to explain myself?


Looking out at the beach while writing and drinking coffee is my idea of paradise. Being able to do this everyday should be my goal in life.
Sights in Bohol. I love this place. And the timing of my vacation here this year could not have been better, srsly.
On my parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary, they had coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. A small celebration, but it was just for the two of them. They brought home a cup of coffee and a slice of cheesecake for me, though.
Sometimes cemeteries can look so picturesque… This photo is pixelated on account of my sucky phone camera.
We visit my grandparents’ grave every year in November. I like the flowers my aunt brought this year.

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